Adventures in Urban Mysticism: “I want to be a Magical Wizard!”

Slow nights.  The moon was transitioning into Taurus over the weekend and then into Gemini.  From past moons such as these, the nights tend to be sloooooow….

So there I sat and observed people, hearing the jokes (ooooh Psychic), the God talk (that’s bad), and so on and so forth.  Well, a little random hero decides to hop on the bench outside.  I said hello.  He said hello.  We’re now friends.  The little guy had a skateboard on his t-shirt.  I skateboarded in a past life (decade) so we struck up a conversation.  I like conversation you see…

I looked at the young fellow and I asked him the question I ask darn near everyone I ever read.  I even had a gent ask me what I thought his dream was (not to test you of course, he said.  Suuuuuuuuure buddy).  I saw Ryan Seacrest so I told him entertainer or like radio and I could also picture some kind of producer/organizer.  It was definitely expressive and creative.  He said that’s pretty good, he wants to be a musician. Self high-five!

Anyhow, our little hero stops and tells me he wants to go up into space.  I didn’t use intuition in this case.  I just thought a moment and told him he should be a pilot because then he could be an astronaut if he went that route.  Logic, really.  Well, ole boy, um young boy, got super stoked because he thought I read his mind.

It’s not mind reading in my opinion, it’s like watching energy.  Sometimes I’ll see images, most times I just listen and hear the words and relay.  At any rate, when someone is open, it works rather wonderfully.  He would leave and then come back later to tell me he had another dream: I want to be a Magical Wizard and never get hurt… I told him he already is and to keep his curiosity.  He asked what that was.  LOL!

You’ve already got the stuff my little friend.  You’ve already got it.  We all still have it though kids really embody magic.  I saw another little hero crying his eyes out, stop to touch the hanging root of the banyan tree, then get back to crying.  Feeling his feelings so truly but still able to enjoy something that came through his space in that moment.  Awesome…

THX to all the small, medium, and large heroes that walk in and out of my life.  Chee huu to all of you!

Where we as adults see with limitation and stop, children see beyond what someone else put up and dance on…

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