Red E. Now!!! Chapter Two…

Chapter Two – Grandma U.

Red is sitting on the ground against a wall in an alley.  Snacks is surveying the perimeter while Red stirs.

“She summoned us far from home.  I haven’t fallen asleep from riding along on a plane since I was small kid time.” Red says as he dusts himself off.

“Fo’ reals? Oy, you were out as soon as we lifted off it seemed and long after we landed.”  Snacks commented as he climbed up Red’s leg. “I’m not sure exactly which of the worlds we are on but we should blend in.”

“Well traveling between planes is just one of those things, I suppose, hopefully we aren’t on a layover world.  Could be stuck for hours…  Well, either way, we can make this an adventure.  Shall we Mr. Snacks?”  Red tips his hat and makes his way out of the alley.  A cat runs by and Snacks growls at it, the cat fleeing at the sound.

“Perfecting your Roar I see.”  Red congratulates as they find themselves exiting the alley to another street, a crowd of all types of creatures lies ahead.

“The Roar is my favorite trick that you taught me.”  Snacks replies reaching out for a hanging grape as they enter the crowd and pass a stand of fruit.  “It appears we caught the lunch rush, eh?”

“Seems like the whole Food Markets is slamming…” Red stops and looks up at the rooftop and ahead at the wall of people.

“Eh look, it’s Mr. E. Now!” a young lion cub cries out.

“Red. E. Now!!! Oh is Lord Snacks with him?” his sister replies.

The crowd turns and notices Red and Snacks walking with them.  Beings of all start to run towards the two.

“So much for inconspicuous.”  Red mutters and with a quick step and a vault with his staff the two are on a rooftop.

“Did you see that!?!?” the cub yells.

“Aww, I wanted to carry Lord Snacks…” his sister cries.

The voices start to grow faint as Red moves from the edge of the rooftop to the center.  A single chair sits in the middle of the roof and Red approaches with caution.  He taps it with his staff and after finding it to his liking he takes a deep breathe and sits.


“Hello my Dear-uh.”  Grandma U. says with Snacks sitting in her lap, fast asleep.

Red looked around to find himself in a silver carriage with a smiling ageless Black woman with eyes that resembled black pearls.  “Traveling in style these days Grandma?”  Red jokes.

“Well, you know, the Universe always provides what one is ready for in each Here and Now.”  She replies.  “And look at this one, fast asleep.”  Grandma rocks Snacks who curls up in a ball.

“Where are we Grandma? I fell asleep on the last plane ride, the first time in years, and Snacks never sleeps.” Red inquires looking at the starry sky outside. “…at night.”

Grandma looks out of the window and waves her hand, the window is transformed into a magical screen displaying a map of many worlds.  She wiggles her fingers and the worlds are scrolled through until it lands on Earth.

“Earth?”  Red says a bit surprised.  “Really?  The 3rd Dimension?  Of all the… OUCH!”  Red yells as he was somehow slapped in the back of the head.

“Oh, I forgot you are no longer my student, just a Friend.  Sorry about the slap but please, you of all beings must remember to stretch your mind my Dear-uh.”  Grandma says with a laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, mind like a rubberband, stretch it until it snaps. But really, why Earth, Grandma?  I never in a million years thought I would find myself on this plane of existence.  No wonder I fell asleep on the plane ride.  It takes so much energy just to get through to the normal inhabitants here.  But why are there so many Magicals here?”

“All of life is magic, my Dear-uh.”  Grandma tickles Snacks and he starts to smile.

“What I mean is, two cubs recognized us.”  Red states.

“Oh, that was just the whole Food Markets. You know it’s the hood for Magicals these days, plus they always have daily specials.”  Grandma answers.

Red looks out of the carriage.  “You mean, that chair sent us to another dimension?”

“Yes dear-uh.”

“So let me get this straight: we took a plane ride to the whole Food Markets at lunch time to connect to a chair which took us to a carriage on Earth?”  Red says in shock.

“Is the magic of life still surprising?  I would think that as ‘Creation’s Greatest Psychic’ these things wouldn’t surprise you.  You are a wonderful Mystic you know?”  Grandma says, her eyes growing narrow.

“No surprise really Grandma U.  The Universe cannot surprise me, I mean, it’s all brand new and familiar each time, pleasant surprises really, I just can’t make sense why we’d be on Earth.”  Red says leaning closer to the screen looking at the 3D image.

“Well Hello Dear-uh!” Grandma U. says to Snacks who is now awake.

“Grandma Universe!”  Snacks exclaims and gives her a hug.  “Did you hear?  Naps’ second litter was 15.  We’ve 27 ratlings now.” Snacks states, ever the proud father.

“Your royal line shall one day be in every dimension, my beloved and Grand Child.”  Grandma U. replies.

“We’re on Earth Snacks.”  Red says cutting the cheer.

“Earth?” Snacks seems just as shocked as Red.  He climbs out of Grandma’s lap and runs over to look out the window.

“Gentlemen, I brought you both to Earth because we must save it from destroying itself.”  Grandma U. states.

“Okay.” Red replies.

“That’s easy enough.  We saved Del Bell, Out and In-Verse, and gosh, Red, the list is long isn’t it?”  Snacks chimes in sitting back.

“That’s what thousands upon thousands of lives will do, old boy.”  Red answers, his eyes glowing a faint green, deep in thought.

Red pulls out a Tarot Deck from a pocket on his coat.  He waves his fingers and a cloth with black and white stars appear.  The deck shuffles itself and lays out a spread.

“Hmmm, looks like we’ll see danger.”  Red begins.

Snacks yawns, stretches, and eases back in the seat.

“Zombies.  Bleh, last I heard, Earth was obsessed with Zombie movies.” Red continues.

“Get your mind out of the cracks and focus my Dear-uh.  Keep reading the cards.”  Grandma U. guides.

Snacks lets out a chuckle.

“And, Seashells ?!?!” Red says shocked at the last part.

“All in time, but only can you see and feel what it means fully as you live each moment.”  Grandma U. answers cryptically.

“The Seashells of Compassion and Kindness…”  Snacks says as the screen shows them both.

“As you know, a Seashell sings to the ears and if listened to truly, the voice of the Great Spirit, a song, a melody, can be felt.  In the oldest of times, the Great Spirit separated the first Seashell into two parts, Compassion and Kindness, a magical creation which held the two key ingredients to Love.”  Grandma U. began.  “The Seashell of Compassion was hidden away in between the stars before it made its home on Earth’s Moon.  The location of the Seashell of Kindness was never revealed for safety.”

“Why must we get the Seashells, Grandma?” Snacks asks.

“Because of Sir I imagine.”  Red answers holding a card with a mirror showing the moving image of sinister looking figure with a long nose.

“That silly, dirty, Devil-Bag of…” Snacks exclaims.

“Yup, that’s the D-Bag, Snacks.” Red cuts his small Friend’s giant tirade.

“Uh-huh.  That one.  You remember him Red?”  Grandma asks.

“Well do I.  I remember on one of the first Journeys you called me on, he showed up in different forms to try and woo me away from walking the path and from being present to my surroundings.”  Red stated, squeezing his staff and his eyes starting to glow red.

“Save your energy for the Journey my Dear-uh and remember those lessons.  They will serve you well.”  Grandma waved and a map rolled out in from of them with a small figure of Red and smaller figure of Snacks on a path, the road unfolding ahead of them.

“There are a number of ways that you can get to the portal which will take you to the Moon. Stay on your toes because while Sir can’t go through a portal or near the shells, he’s recruited a great number and made many more mindless…”

“I can’t stand Zombies.”  Snacks said shaking his little fist.

“Save your energy as well dear Lord Snacks.  You’ll both have your opportunity to settle a few scores.  Focus.”  Grandma said this time a bit more sternly.

“Sorry Grandma.”  Red and Snacks said in unison.     “What do the crystals say, Red?”  Grandma asks.

Red runs his hand along his sleeve, turns his hand over, and produces two pink crystals.  He tosses them in the air and they start spinning faster than anything ever spun!

“More danger.  Okay, tell us something new.  Crows.  Expected that.  Human children?  We are to unite the shells so that…

“The Children dream.”  Grandma U. says, her glasses pushing themselves up.  “For the Greatest Psychic, you ignore a great many signs.  It’s why you’ve not yet earned your role as a Mystic…”

“I’m this close.” Red holds up his fingers very close. “This close to finishing my book.  You after all told me to keep writing.”  Red throws both hands in the air.

“Easy there Dear-uh.  I’m just pointing out the obvious you know.  You’ll finish it when you do.  And have you considered that you need to experience a few more elements of the tunnel before you see the Light?”  Grandma says calmly.

“I know Grandma, I just want to get on with my writing.  Being Psychic has always been a part of me but my passion is elsewhere, currently writing.  You know that.”  Red states.

“It is, he’s up like this every night.” Snacks says re-enacting Red falling asleep while writing.

They all let out a great laugh.  “Aww, if you can’t laugh and make life a comedy, it’s only a tragedy now isn’t it?”  Grandma asks.  “And you know in your Heart, that you love your service to others Red.  Now where were we?”

“Sir and humans…” Red states.

“Ah, yes.”  Grandma starts.  “Sir and the Society of Fear have stolen the Human ability to dream.  The Magicals never forget and there are a number of humans who are waking up, but as The Messenger of the Mystical, Red, you must unite the shells so that the human Heart can heal and dream once again.”

“A world without dreams is not a world that I want any of my children to grow up in…”  Snacks states.

“That Society, crushing dreams now, eh?”  Red says, his eyes glowing a soft blue light, illustrating the great pain he can feel as he tunes in and feels the death of dreams of children, young and old alike, the collective Heart withering.

“Feel it fully and remember your own pain Red.”  Grandma says.  “Keep your Heart open from you experience with finding and letting go of Joy, that lesson will serve you greatly as you set out in this next leg of the Journey.”

Red’s eyes stop glowing and he claps his hands and the crystals and the cards put themselves away.

Snacks claps and a pea pops up in front of him.  He takes a bite and looks out the window.

“Any others on the Journey?” Red asks.

“You know what they say, many are called, few are chosen, even fewer answer either way.”  Grandma says reaching into her bag and producing a Golden Key.  “Take this in case you need it, you’ll be surprised how many doors a simple key can open.”

The Golden Key floats over to sit itself in Red’s breast pocket.  Red reaches up and touches the place and the pocket disappears.

“Good touch.”  Snacks says.

Red winks at his companion and looks over at Grandma.  “Grandma.”

“Yes Dear-uh?” She replies.

“If it’s all Love, why does Fear prevail in some worlds?”  Red asks.

“We, all, everything that is created, even that little bee over there and the big tree over there, we are all One, all Love, and connected by the Invisible Thread to the Great Spirit.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone remembers or chooses to remember.  Part of Fear’s job is to keep people in check.”

“But it’s so unnecessary…” Red replies.

“Everything has a role and Fear and the Ego part of the mind, even the Voice of the Heart, all play their roles very well.  You just have to keep waking beings up Dear-uh.  Besides you can’t have the sweet without the sour.”   Grandma states.

“You know why you had to go through what you did.  It was for all beings as much as it was for you.  Your soul signed up for it if you’ll remember…” She followed up.

“I know, just reflecting on how Fear played its part in my own life.  How it paralyzed me from being present in the best parts, the things I loved the most about life…”  Red answered.

“You’ll have your time when you do.  And you wouldn’t be the Psychic and budding Mystic, or what’s that other thing, oh yes, the writer that you are.  All things come in Divine Timing, Dear-uh.”  Grandma says.

Snacks chuckles, “Ha, ha!  What’s that other thing?”

“Well, it’s been fun but it’s time I get rid of both of you.  I need to get a nap in.  I love sleep you know?”  Grandma says.

Snacks waves and before Red can say anything they are sitting in the chair on the rooftop.

“She sure can make an entrance… and an exit.”  Snacks exclaims.

“No doubt.  Look.” Red points over to a giant metal bathtub and a bottle with a message floating around it.



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