Yelp Review: University of Hawaii at Manoa

It’s 100a, I’m doing some writing of a different kine: Yelp.  I don’t know why but I got in the Yelp zone and decided to practice my reviews.  As I look at it, makes sense I’d get down with Yelp because it’s an opportunity to write about experience and observations.  Anyhow, low and behold, you can Yelp about your alma mater so I did (University of Hawaii at Manoa).  Enjoy:

UH gets alot of criticism from various circles and though it’s not perfect, it offers its students an opportunity to grow and learn while living in paradise.  And more importantly, I believe the students walk away better people because of the unique situation we are in here in Hawaii.

When I was still in small kid time, while growing up in Hilo, I always wanted to go to Manoa.  I don’t know why, can’t explain it but it was a feeling that I never shook.  I spent a little bit of time UH-Hilo until transferring and that was just what I needed to experience at that time in my life.  Going to Manoa gave me so many opportunities to grow as a human being and getting my degree in Religion really did teach me to think critically and explore things from many different perspectives.

I know alot of local people who frown on people who leave home.  I also know alot of other people who feel the same about those who don’t leave.  I fell into a weird in between category in that regards but one of the biggest lessons that I learned in life, that has helped me out many times, is a result of my education at Manoa.

It was my literally last credits, I had a crazy 25 page paper to work on, and needed more time.  It was for a class in Mysticism and a Directed study, which is really funny these days because I could write that son of a gun 18 which ways to Sunday now and over 100 pages worth, but at that time, 25 pages was hard.  Anyhow, my Professor, Dr. Lamb, sat me down and gave me the 411 but said he’d help me.  I wasn’t the best student and our adviser couldn’t believe that I was going to graduate.  They had a policy that dismissed any class below a C grade when applying for graduation so my degree GPA came out to 3.2 but I had some classes that were not worth mentioning and it was only that high because of that rule.  In fact, if it’s no longer a part of the Religion Dept. I’m probably the student why…  Dr. Lamb looked at me though and said: we’re all in this life together.  I wrote the paper and got an A and B in the classes it was forth.

When I look back at UH and all she taught, I totally see that.  Alot of people view it as experiencing the suffering because of budget cuts and whatever else that has impacted the University but you know, every time I go by for a visit, I see something that is a better UH than when I was there.  I have to believe that because that together mentality is at the core of many of the faculty and the students who advocate for change, UH will always be something that gives to its students and our island community.  While I still suggest hitting up our beaches in Hawaii, take the time to explore your college community.  You will not regret getting involved.

THX UH!  You haz cheeseburger!!!

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