Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Scars

“Wanna know how I got these scars?”  The Joker (Heath Ledger’s version)

Through the looking glass into the Dark Night of the Soul...

One of my favorite songs growing up, one of the 10 that I liked that was not hip-hop (joke it was more like 20, nah, nah, nah!) was Scars by Papa Roach.  I really liked the acoustic version because there was something in the emotionality (OMG that is actually a real word b/c spell-check didn’t catch it.  It’s not just a Tropic Thunder thing?  I thought I was being funny) of it that struck me.

I’ve long been fascinated by music and how it can make me feel like someone else can relate.  Another favorite of mine is Pain by 2Pac.  In experience, I think I relate a little better to Scars, but in feeling, I relate deeply to both.  One can hear it in the voices.  It’s a sound that evokes a feeling that stirs the Heart.  Only way I can explain it.  No further explanation need be given.

I love my scars.  As I look at my healing tattoos, telling the story of spiritual rebirth, it’s a reminder to love scars because it shows how I’ve healed some of the deep wounds that existed before birth by returning through the Looking Glass and “marrying” my Soul.  If I had to break down what occurred in my life, I would say it’s ashes work, it was tending to my inner garden, it was allowing for Death within.  Spiritual calling or not, I hadn’t done that work and it culminated in the explosion of my life last July.  I hadn’t put to rest many a thing that no longer served me nor did I venture out and allow my Soul the opportunity to breathe fully and be okay with that.  Only in crossing the threshold was I ever able to grow, to release.

I write about similar themes, spirituality being a huge component.  And I might repeat myself at times.  I do so because I believe we’re here doing the same thing, maybe not in the same way, but for the same purpose: to live fully, to know who we really are, to serve others, and hopefully, create a foundation so that our children, our brothers and sisters yet to arrive have something better than we did, holistically.  I also do so because I feel like my role of expression of life is kind of like a true fan, even when the team seems down and won’t come back, still there, still cheering.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the world as we approach 2012.  Everyone has their “theories” and I, my own hypotheses.  But regardless, I’m going to cheer balance, going to cheer the Love within humanity.  It’s who I am and I’m cool with that.  I used to think it was because the world needed a voice or a new message.  The world has everything it needs already in each moment.  I needed to be my Voice.  I needed to find it.  Which is really funny when you consider that this website is called The Simple Voice.  I needed that Simple Voice.  LMAO.

Each step in the Journey takes me closer to the end celebration that is Death.  Though I don’t feel it is, today could be my last.  Who really knows?  So with that, I am so very grateful for my scars, for the pain of life, and all that’s it’s taught me because it takes me deeper and deeper into the arms of God, to choose, to feel Love as It is truly present in each and every moment.  It’s taught me to listen to and be one with that Simple Voice of my Heart.

So yeah: you wanna know how I got these scars?

Aloha nui loa,


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