Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

“Allow me to introduce myself…”  ~ Jay-Z

I’ve been having so much (            ) with the Adventures in Urban Mysticism commentaries, I thought I might add another category to The Simple Voice.  So as it says above (drum roll), allow me to introduce: Embrace Your Inner Psychic.  This is for fun and I will share everything that I ever learned, that helped me to grow and develop intuitively, thus embracing my Inner Psychic and allowing it to breathe.  My inner screenwriter wants to be all like: this will be the place for all that raw, hard-hitting psychic phenomena but I digress and had to give voice to my inner comedian (bare with me Dear Reader, I like FUN).

So introduction aside, you can whet your Psychic appetite at the following links (I will expand on each subject in future Embrace Your Inner Psychic blogs and address other topics as well):

Energetic Vibrations and Working With Your Guides

Filling Your Psychic Toolbox: Clairaudience

Filling Your Psychic Toolbox: Automatic Writing

Accepting Dark Energies and Spirits

Examples of Channeled Messages

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.  Not really, but laugh.  It’s a big part of what life is about.  Until the next installment of Embrace Your Inner Psychic…

Chee Huu to YOU!!!




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