When I Look Around

Painted clouds Spot the sky Canvas of God And still we question why: What’s so good about life? or simply Why am I here? Just live child, live.  My dear the train conductor did say to me. Be and let be And in life one shall see Sacred canvas mirrored Speckled, spotted, painted Etched and […]

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Odd Flow

Tonight a very odd flow unfolded.  It was fun.  I enjoyed what I could from it but it felt very odd.  Like I wasn’t there.  Strange.  To be continued…

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Today I wrote the ending to The Tales of Mr. E. and The King (all rights, images, and likeness are Creator Owned by yours truly).  It inspired me.  It invigorated me.   It pumped me up.  I’ve been writing it chronologically for some time and had drafted the ending in a journal right after I began […]

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