Embrace Your Inner Psychic: So How’d You Get Into This? Part One

I get asked how I ever got into being a Psychic Reader all the time.  It’s probably the third most popular question, up there with “Will I find Love?” and my personal favorite (note HEAVY sarcasm) “Why aren’t you the grey-haired old lady?”  That being said, how did I get into this…

I was always sensitive as a child.  I blocked it as I got older because I never knew where I began and where others ended or others began and I ended.  As I have learned to allow my intuition and sensitivity, I have grown more comfortable with that riddle since it’s a oneness but I digress.  And it doesn’t mean it’s easy but at least these days, I enjoy JMAW, whereas before I couldn’t trust him or anyone else.

The sensitivity is due to feeling energy.  Clairsencience or empthay, whatever, as a kid words don’t mean much, I could literally feel what other people were feeling, all the time.  They could say one thing but I could feel the feeling in their words, in their ethereal field as it mingled in mine.  We all do whether we recognize it or not.  It’s why we can sense someone is not okay when they claim to be, or why we can feel the cruelty in jokes that only claim to be jokes.

When I was young I would try to take it.  If I’m not careful, I can still mistake others’ feelings for my own.  Anyhow, that’s kind of where that ended for awhile and I went into being a troubled youth, inner turmoil anyway…

At 23, I was told I had a spiritual calling while on a plane that didn’t land when it was supposed to (you can find the story here somewhere), and that kind of propelled me back into this spiritual stuff, begrudgingly.  It’s funny because I guess I was this way but I was unaware of it because many of my friends and family will tell me: you were always spiritual and sensitive.  They didn’t always use those words, sometimes they used unrealistic or panty.  Friends and family oftentimes hurt us the most and we do the same to the ones we love.  Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Anyhow, that meeting of synchronicity, where a calling was issued, set in motion a chain of events that have taken me deeper and deeper into this stuff.

I often joke that I swim in the deep end of the spiritual pool because I always have to check in and see if people are okay after a reading.  Many people have an expectation for a psychic and I don’t meet that expectation, physically, and oftentimes giving alot more information on things that they had thought about but not so deeply. My teacher tells me, never doubt yourself, you’re very gifted, you always give others exactly what they need.  I question that one alot.  It might be the easiest thing in the world to be a Being but the Human part is a daily struggle.  Our sacred texts and self-help books explain those parts away and away…

I got into this further and further because I had to.  I was in spiritual crisis for twenty plus years, I felt a pain no words could describe and I can barely understand beyond a feeling, a spiritual wound spanning lifetimes upon lifetimes.  It sits side by side with a feeling of love that when I allow myself to go into, always brings tears to me eyes, and struck me in the mirrors of a perfect woman, a perfect statue, and the perfection of nature.  Life’s perfect as it is you know?

And that doesn’t mean I went into it all sunshine and rainbows.  I fought and fought, as a result life bringing me more to my knees, my head crashing off the wall then finally bouncing off the ground before I started to listen closer.  Even then, even still, I fight.  My belief is that what we ultimately seek is beyond this life but that doesn’t mean this life is not important.  Each life is and we have the opportunity to live fully and love every aspect of it.  It is just love, you know?

To be continued…

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