Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Getting Into It Part 2

Last time on The Simple Voice:

This is a continuation about how I got into Psychic, Spiritual, Intuitive, Guide relating to spiritual things/whatever they are just words to describe the energy, healing/insert more words work here.  Check out Part One if it tickles your Heart to do so.

Anyhow.  Dun dun Dun.  Or is it dot dot dot… Fighting.  Lots of inner conflict.  I had over 60 lbs more of weight on me in 2006.  I had a condition called eczema to which I was told there was no cure.  I’m no miracle, life is the miracle but this conflict, this failure to listen within and in turn listen all around, kept me from fully enjoying life.  I have often been told that the body is the way the spirit experiences in the world. Due to my choice to disregard my intuition and the voice in my Heart, the spirit found a way to get me to pay attention with my body.  So, the more I listened, the better my health has gotten.  It’s funny because oftentimes I see people after having not seen them in years or even months and they trip out or tell me I look different.  I’ve adopted the joke that I’m shapeshifting.  At any rate, I’ve been transformed.  The change in my health alone is a strong component for my belief in having a solid spiritual base and to keep doing Intuitive work.  Life is much more enjoyable because at 31, I’ve had the greatest health that I can remember.

I was asked recently if it was diet or exercise.  I exercised 6 days a week up until last July when I went into the desert or whatever you choose to call it and lost 30 lbs with alot of reflection.  That was actually the big point where my health really changed.  It was as though I was able to release all of the stored energy that I repressed by not allowing my feelings expressions and the weight just came off.  I don’t have a strict diet but I do fast from time to time because I find it helps me to focus.  But the more I started to meditate and pray, the less I use fasting.

A teacher that popped in and out of my life earlier this year told me that there is no one golden path.  I agree wholly with that statement and would add that there is your path.  When I do individual work with people I approach it by looking at the holistic system.  The human experience is a system of energy comprised of the physical body, the intellectual body, the emotional body, the ethereal/spirit body, and I would argue the shared/collective social body.  Approaching it in this fashion allows me to pinpoint where people are at, what the root of the spiritual wound/crisis is, and work through it with people for healing and fulfillment to transform the experience of life.

We aren’t broken.  We don’t have holes.  Our journey is about reclaiming our whole energetic beings and recognizing our power as creators in our lives.  The challenges are all meant to help us grow into our full awareness.

So the physical was a huge challenge for me.  My self-worth was low from an early age, my wound coming from a previous life according to one of my mentors.  Whatever the case, I have argued that my spiritual crisis spanned two decades, an eight year research period into mindfulness and holistic care, and yeah, it makes more sense each day and I get more a sense of “I don’t know” with each day. The journey has an ending, life is a movie, a story and all stories come to an end, the only thing that differs is with the story of life, you never really know.  But you have a say in writing it.

To be continued…


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