Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Oh What a Night

Sometime in ’98, my Senior Prom theme was “Oh, What a Night!” and last night was one of those nights.  I switched my rate totally to donation based because my hugest conflict with what I do is how does one put a price on the spiritual?  We’ve done it as people forever, put value and price on wares and services, but isn’t the value in what one takes away?  I’d rather read someone who can only spare a few dollars and share the message the Spirit has intended than to turn them away because they feel like they can’t afford it. And that one teacher talked about how all one needs is the faith the size of mustard seeds for things to work out…

At any rate (no pun intended), I did that, and told myself, I’m going to have fun doing what I do.  And it was fun!  It was the best night I’ve had thus far in a month that began with a surprise visit from one of the leads on a new TV series, The River, coming out soon.  My readings were began with a woman who told me I gave her hope that things could be better and ended as another exuberantly informed me she was quitting her job.  I can look back at both of those scenarios in my life after the Spirit spoke through another to me.  It’s beautiful to see and be a part of because each moment we get confirmations about out life if we take the time to observe and listen.

On an odd note, I went to use the bathroom and someone raided the draw where we keep the money and some of it was stolen but that didn’t really get me down.  It threw me off but on some level I felt like someone really must’ve needed it to do something like that.  I’m in no way advocating for Thieves Anonymous but I didn’t take it personal which was a win.  So many things happen that we can take personal and really, the past is done, why hold on to it.  I kept riding the feel good Flow of the day and it led me to Ryan’s Bar and Grill, a place I hadn’t been in years.

I figured I was there for a reason and took a seat at the bar to get some food.  I spoke with the bartender at length about spirituality and I couldn’t help but feel like that was the reason I was there, it’s the reason who I’m here, just to connect with other people.  And if that’s not reason enough to get out there and interact, I don’t know what is…

The Universe has a strange way of working but God has it all figured out.  Today I feel truly blessed and it comes at the end of a week that was the embodiment of every type of emotion in the human experience, and coming after a year that was the ride through all the seasons of nature AND life.  I guess what I can take away from it all is that through the mountains and valleys of the range of emotions and experiences, I finally was able to keep riding the tiger and moving forward through it all.  Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen just premiered and I have to quote “The Warlock” once more because I feel this way by my standards: Duh, Winning!

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