Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is what taught me to utilize clairaudience and “open the channel.”  Honolulu Psychic, Lyddie Higa, explained the method to me: when you occupy your conscious mind, you have to think to move the pen, so it flows through you. I channel all the time (and play with a coin or crystal to occupy my mind) when working with people because my human mind is crafty but can’t touch the deeper levels like the spiritual part of my being can.

I had gone to a Psychic class taught by Lyddie at Gaia Hawaii.  I’d been a few years deep into dream analysis and working with my Spirit so I had experience working with the unseen.  It’d been years since I had my calling so the other words she spoke shook within me.  Resonated for reasons at the time I didn’t know.  She also predicted that my relationship at the time was “right for right now” but that vibrationally we didn’t match.  That was a bitter pill to swallow and as much as I didn’t believe it, it came to pass.

I took to automatic writing like a fish to water.  I’d always been a writer and poetry was a favorite and had the experience called stream of consciousness writing on many occasions.  It’s ultimately living in Flow consciousness but we’ll get to that…

I had much trial and error with automatic writing.  “The ego has a job and plays it very well.” Adya’s words to me that sum up the times where I tricked myself from what the Voice of my Heart, the Spirit, my Soul, the Higher Self was really sharing.  I have journals upon journals of automatic writing, of channeled messages.  I can look back now and see where the trickster crept in, but believe you me, I still get caught from time to time (Because ultimately, there is a part of my personality that likes drama because when life is too easy it gets boring).

I wrote an article here, that touches on how you can begin the practice of automatic writing.   The best way to think of it, it that it’s like writing a question to an old friend that is a part of you, that you haven’t always kept in contact with, but the Voice is so familiar you just know it.  I suggest people write to the Higher Self, the Voice of the Spirit, or even more simply, Voice of My Heart, those words/phrases all used to describe the same thing, and all share a similar energetic vibration.  It’s your direct line.  As much as anyone can learn to read energy, life is only seen through the eyes of each being as s/he goes through it, so in the end having that direct line and trusting it is the compass, the guiding star, the “stuff.”

It’s not hard to develop.  Write the same question:  “To my Heart, what would you communicate with my conscious mind?”  for a week and let it flow through you.  In the beginning, I suggest saying a prayer, imagining clearing energy surrounds you so that you open up.  Because honestly, the Inner Skeptic doesn’t want to give up control very easily.

With a little practice, you’ll start to feel when what you’re channeling is just flowing.  And many times, re-reading the message later gives many wonderful pearls that weren’t apparent immediately. Kind of like reading the Bible or the Gita or the Sutras, as we change, the message speaks in different ways.

I totally believe in the practice of automatic writing opening up the channel.  And if anything, working with your Soul is the most rewarding experience in life.  It is the diamond, the rock, the batphone to God, I consider it my foundation.  That link is the only thing that is there for me always and will always see me honestly.  That’s part of why it’s so hard to listen to sometimes and the ego creeps in to trick and deceive.  Taking ownership of the co-creation of our lives is a tricky thing, owning our feelings as our own is hard.

I believe in the method of automatic writing and know that when approached openly, it can help one to listen closer.  It’s how I channel or serve as a facilitator for the message of Spirit when I work with people and the words resonate in them or they feel like it was spot on.  I had the same experience when Lyddie spoke to me.  She saw the highest good in my life and shared with me what I needed at that point in time.  Much as the Spirit does through the many messengers that fly in and out of our lives throughout, the message is always there, just depends on our ability to listen.  LOL.  Give it a try because it’s…

Beautiful really.


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