Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Grappling Within

Note: Above was taken by my Android from Marvel’s Shadowland Trade Paperback.

I can’t say 100% why exactly but regardless of the reason I was drawn to the art of grappling in my journey and it gave me an important tool in a moving meditation that helped me work with my intuition and connect with the Sacred all around.

As a child, a dream of mine, was Pro Wrestling.  As an adult, I found the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an unscripted form of grappling.  My former mentor had told me I could have been an athlete, it was in my chart, and I was convinced I would go into MMA at that time.  I had a background in Muay Thai and grappling was re-entering my sphere of experience that year.  I thought that was what it meant for me to be a man, to do something tough, that was spiritual warriorship.  As I look back, I can laugh because while martial arts has become a big part of my life, I was chasing external validation for what can only be filled inside. And the only person who defines and the only judgement that matters comes from the man and woman rendering that decision from within.

I had been studying dream interpretation for a bit at the urging of said mentor.  I had read a bunch of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, finding intellectual enjoyment to match the physical enjoyment I would experience in grappling.  Note: Dream interpretation actually led me into Tarot.  In many ways, I feel that the two are similar and I would go beyond to argue that one can sit back and watch the dream of archetypes and symbolism dance around them and learn from that energy floating about during our waking state but I won’t go too deep into that…

The month before I started training regularly, I had six dreams I was in a gi and was ‘rolling.’  It was weird and it was powerful.  My first classes into “the gentle art” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu would just give me a sense of being home in my own body.  I felt my energy coursing through me.  It was so powerful.  In Jiu-Jitsu there’s a joke that one gets bitten by the bug.  Well, I got bit by that bug for sure!

Grappling became a physical ritual for me with my inner work and in dealing with life.  In Jiu-Jitsu there’s a saying when you get caught in a joint lock that goes: snap or tap.  Tapping out means submitting.  My journey into the Intuitive, the Psychic, the stuff people are skeptical about (including me) has brought me to my knees time and time again to submit to the Spirit and seek to understand God, not as a bearded distant figure, but as a Oneness, a presence, a consciousness.

I don’t agree with much that is said about God.  Here’s the kicker.  I don’t disagree either because if there’s one thing Jiu-Jitsu has taught me, it’s a journey and there is always more to learn, no matter how far along the path you’ve traveled, and how much one thinks is understood.

So why spend a blog talking about this?  Because grappling was a moving meditation for me and something I used to express and release energetic blocks in the physical part of my holistic system.  I also studied other moving meditations in the form of yoga, kickboxing as mentioned earlier, running, hiking, swimming, etc.  What I love the most of all of these and what I realized over the course of my life, is that they each are all vehicles that took me to a place within, allowed me to be filled.  I’ve mentioned place within often and words cannot do it justice.  I believe it’s what Jesus was talking about regarding ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’ but eh, words fall short of the beauty of that place.

If I had to put words together to describe this place, it is God, it is Love, it is Harmony, it is Balance, it is No-Mind, it is the summit of consciousness that Sri Krishna spoke of to Arjuna.  It’s that feeling of jumping into the water and feeling it all around and surfacing to see the light glisten on the water.  It’s the view of the full moon lighting up the night sky and illuminating all of life.  It’s a beauty that can only be experienced and words do no justice.  In fact words have tried to put a limit on something that has none.  It feels so good that when one feels it they want to share it with everyone but at times forget that we each have our own pathway there.  It is like a home really.  And the greatest poets throughout human history have described it.  As evidenced by the different moving meditations I have experienced, there are a great many paths to get there.

So point being, moving meditation is a viable vessel to experience that feeling, that connection for lack of a better way to articulate something so vast.

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