Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Look At Me Now…

1 Corinthians 13:7-8

“Look at me now…” ~ Chris Brown aka Breezy

While you’re at it, why don’t you teach me how to dougie?  I have a Bri Zi in my life and told a woman I was interested in earlier this year that I’m like a cool breeze. Jokes!

Anyhow, I gotta say look at me now.  A year ago, I was wandering the streets of New York, excited, lost, burning inside, my spiritual wound tearing at me.  A week earlier I was in Seattle and it was pretty magical.  New York was magical but more of the Dark Arts variety.  It’s amazing how great a medicine time can be.  I’m writing this blog because yesterday I put a close to a journal that’s been with me for a bit and in an interesting twist of synchronicity, it ended the same day as a different journal I wrote in ended a year ago, same day.  Weird, uh?  (No it’s magic Dear-uh! ~ Adya)

It was the second time in a week’s time that I’d seen a book written by a dude named Jess Walter, someone who’d I never heard of, but was featured in these two random ass bookstores I wandered in based on my flow consciousness experiences.  What’s the likelihood of that?  I don’t believe in coincidence so I took it as synchronicity.

At the time I thought it meant I’d end up with my ex who had the name Jess.  It was only in going deep in the journey that I found that the reflection was really my own, all the reflections are.  My parents were going to name me Jessica if I was a girl.  I was certain, I believed, or rather my ego twisted it to be my ex because we shared another synchronicity in our names and I was so afraid of never finding love again.  In the year since, I have seen the magic of what brought her and I together repeated in others loves in the flesh and in other forms.

Like the time I had a mantra about wanting to talk to her while in yoga, I walked outside and there she was, pulling up to offer me a ride.  Now that exact thing has not happened again, nor have I seen anyone else in a vision prior to meeting them, but these manifestations and everything else, I believe are examples of how we can share our lives with the expression of God in all Its form and beauty.  From work, to relationships, things involving others, to nature, probably the greatest example, IMO. In fact, finding God in all, touching that place is what all of the greats (Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Ramakrishna, Jung, Yogananda, Emerson, Rumi) and many other greats who’ve not gained notoriety are talking about.

I don’t know what my life will bring but I’m pretty stoked that I have a go-to, which, though It doesn’t always uses words, speaks and listens to me always.  I like that.  When I had the vision, I told my Heart I wanted to share my life with someone.  I saw Jessica’s face but she mirrored God, that God-self within me and I am forever grateful for such a powerful experience there and every day since to show me that what I always believed was there all along.

So yeah, as Breezy said: Look at me now…  While I might not have much compared to the standards of some, I have more than others, and really none of what I possess physically matters because the inner garden I tend is growing and blossoming more each day and that I believe is what life is about because it’s like going home 24/7 whenever I choose to.  I guess that’s consciousness.  I don’t really know, you know?  It’s ever changing and growing and if anything that’s the most exciting part of consciousness, is that it is never ending and I believe God is never ending because God is Presence, God is Love, and to be present is to realize that Love never dies.  Touch your Soul yo’…

I love You!

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