Today I wrote the ending to The Tales of Mr. E. and The King (all rights, images, and likeness are Creator Owned by yours truly).  It inspired me.  It invigorated me.   It pumped me up.  I’ve been writing it chronologically for some time and had drafted the ending in a journal right after I began it.  It’s writing itself.  They say JK Rowling channeled Harry Potter.  Well, they being some psychics that I have met in my journey and a number of other people as well.  Anyway, at times I feel like Red is writing his own story and Snacks is as well.  Anyhow, there’s a beauty in crafting this that I have not experienced in other forms of writing.

It’s pretty cool and comes at a time when I need magic in my life more than ever.  In a few weeks, I’m moving.  My life actually goes buckwild next week as I’m house/dog sitting for two weeks, getting the move together (which isn’t going to be so intense because I don’t have a whole of of possessions these days), touch up painting the room I’m in now and yeah, wow.  Lots.  I should also be starting another job at Manifest in Honolulu, hearing back about another with Kamehameha Schools, and who knows what else.  I’ve been told I’m a great manifester.  I’m enjoying the unfolding of my life.

Just like to give a shout to God and the Universe of Loving Energy.  Chee huu to you Buddy!

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