Adventures in Urban Mysticism: God’s Always Listening…

God’s always listening… but are we?

A few weeks back I wrote a query wondering what the heck I was doing.  Very natural, self-doubt comes in at times and it’s important to work through rather than avoid.  And I was deep in the: What was the point of this? This life? This Journey?  I have been committed fully to walking in faith for over a year and have been focused on this spiritual seeking since being told I had a higher calling over 8 years ago, and apparently I have always been spiritually, but really, what’s the point?  September hasn’t been too kind or rather it was a month of tough love.  It’s funny how things play out in your life, eh?

Faith is a challenge.  I am challenged daily and I get stronger, my endurance grows and grows, I find joy in the smallest of things, get tickled at what many may view as trivial.  I feel very child-like today as opposed to yesterday, many yesterdays, and with each new today, I grow more into this state of being where I am, dare I say, present…

When I wrote the blog in question, I thought of all the people who’d come in to my space as a Psychic or as I look at it, spiritual guidance, and many of the first including a woman named Malia, came into my mind because it’s those people, it’s that one small percentage that being there made some sort of difference.  Maybe it’s that Five People You Meet In Heaven thing, I don’t know.  Well, Malia called me out of the blue the other day…

Things never happen in the time we want, but with enough faith, enough endurance, they will happen, guarantee.  My friend Steven, he’s an MMA guy, and his girlfriend have an interesting story.  She’d just about given up on love but had a dream a few years back that someone talked to her about that issue and told her to love herself, then gave her a hug.  That someone was a bit more heavyset than when she met him a few months ago, for the first time.  That someone was me.  Steven took me out to meet her sister, who he liked (I know crazy) and my intuition felt and told him that we were more there for Jayel.  I don’t know how or why or what or again how but she had a dream, and I was in it, and we had that same conversation, albeit a few years later.  I led her on a guided meditation at the beach one day after being guided to where she was parked.  Serendipitous indeed.

I’ve thought I’ve known many times how my journey would play out.  I surely do not and these surprises are starting to become enjoyable.  I like knowing, I used to want to have control, but I realize the not yet is not quite written and is dependent upon what we are yet to do. The choices we make, the gifts we are given.

I called Malia back and played phone tag.  Adya and I were chilling and she told me you never know who might find my card somehow and how that could help you out.  In Malia’s message she mentioned finding my card and a book that I gave her.  Funny…

My life is unfolding, it’s nerve wracking, it’s stretching, it’s a Journey filled with Alone-ness though I know I am not lonely, just each path, each one of our walks is our own and we have to do it in our own way before we can relate to others in consciousness and see God in All.

Malia called me back this morning.  Her message, she had a vision of my face and heard my name so she called after finding my card and still having that book.  I told her to pass the book on someday and when I get published I’ll send her a copy of the book I wrote.  It’s funny when you write things back to yourself later how more of the dots connect.  I’m seeing dots connect on my own Inner Work right now…

We talked for awhile and there were many pearls in there.  More importantly, it was about the connection and a few weeks back I wondered if I would ever see or hear from her again after she’d moved away and boom, look at that.  I did.

So like I began this: God’s always listening… but are we?  Are we really listening when it says to judge not foreigners in the Old Testament or to love the Good Samaritan in the new?  Are we really looking and seeing that Love is transcendent regardless of Race, Religion, ‘Reality…’

Are we listening as the Earth shakes, as the markets crash?  Are we really listening to the rhythm of life all around?  Maybe.  Probably not.  But that’s okay, as long as we are alive we have the opportunity to do so, and it’s those moments when I remember the deeper connection that I truly feel alive.

THX much!

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