A Poem about Some Rebirth

They say that Much ado is said about No-Thing And the Reaper, too much is said about Him, about Her You see, the funny thing about Death, in order to live We must feel his embrace, taste her kisses For it is Death that guards the entrance of the Path To the Stairway of Heaven […]

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Thought of the Moment

“Follow through and live our lives…” All we have to do is plant the seed, share what is in our Hearts, then walk the path and live.  In so doing, all shall be delivered.  Start with the gratitude for this moment and there you can find the strength in Love to do so. Keep walking.

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A Story Told in Ink: Some Flash

A Story Told in Ink: Some Flash… JMAW for 434 Tattoo A year ago to the day that Tattoo Adam put the wolf on me, I started my three-quarter sleeve (which knowing me will end up as a full-sleeve) with some Tattoo Flash from a tattoo parlor in New Orleans just outside the French Quarter, […]

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