Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Match Made in Heaven

So tonight/last night/whatever, I played matchmaker.  I was guided to do so.  My human me, the part that ruled college and subsequently destroyed a large part of my twenties was a horrible matchmaker.  This time I was guided from within.  And the oddest, craziest thing: it was for two people in their seventies…

The more consciousness grows/expands, the higher up the mountain one climbs, the less and less travelers can be found to share in that.  It’s crazy.  So when I meet truly out there people, who won’t blink twice about talking about really deep, esoteric, beyond what a book says about God kind of things, it feels right.  I can’t explain it beyond the mind is truly stretched for these types (and can be stretched for us all).  So when this gentlemen sat down before me and I heard her name I just knew that I was to facilitate their meeting.  And I did, and man, it was like watching two kids in a candy store and also funny to see the human parts of these two deeply spiritual beings play.

For the first time in my life, I felt the old soul that I am fully.  I felt like a big part of my agreement coming in was to reconnect these two.  And if I die tomorrow, I’m glad I did honor that.  As we sat and broke bread between the three of us for the first times in what one of them would say has been many lifetimes since we last did so, I heard 13.  And I trusted it, I trusted what the Spirit wished to be expressed: It was 13 lifetimes ago that they were last together.  Or perhaps that they were even split as many believe souls can be split.

Where one ends, the next ends… I heard over and over and over again to the point my whole crown chakra tingled.  I never doubted it.  Soul mirror. And it came in a place where I last broke bread in this life with someone I loved in a way that showed me God but my human me was unable to do its part with. And my work since has been to see that part in myself so that I may grow, that I may truly love someone unconditionally as Christ taught us to do so.

I believe we must live fully as ourselves for that is the only way to be selfless and in this case, I was doing that.  The what about me that had crept in, in the past, was nonexistent tonight.  I just listened and facilitated this meeting, knowing I couldn’t make the choices for them but I can bring them together and they’d figure it out between in whatever fashion they wished to honor their agreement.  I felt good because while I believe this is my last life, I felt like I gave two people who I have cared about for many lives the piece they needed to make the leap into the next step that they have been dying to experience.

I would listen further and go and sit in a familiar place and see a familiar face.  Though I did not act.  My smaller mind chirped and chirped but I watched because though my own Heart raced, something did not feel right, the timing, the placement was just not there.  And I felt free.  Where I once was so desperate for love, for something else, dying for signs to make me believe, I just sat and did not feel bad for sitting because I am full as I am and if something is meant to be, no matter how many lives it takes, it will be.  And I don’t need any more signs to believe in Love.

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