Adventures in Urban Mysticism AND Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Tarot/Studying Life

I get asked many questions about Tarot cards and the decks I use are often commented on.  I’ve used two decks primarily, the Osho Zen Tarot Deck and the Law of Attraction Tarot Deck because the imagery speaks very clearly to me.

I was led into Tarot because of my years of studying dreams, at the direction of a former mentor.  I really enjoyed learning about Dream Psychology (Carl Jung chee huu to you, Buddy!) and Dream Analysis, the more I worked with it, the more my life started to make sense (as non-sensical as that statement is).  I’m also a writer who loved movies (and subsequently found comic books as an adult because I now realize, that each dream is a story containing a message, has its own story arc and theme.  As a result, my interest in studying Archetypes (another shout out to CJ and also Joseph Campbell) began.  Figuring out what the symbolism of the different characters in my dreams meant along with all the other elements of life, the grand waking dream, grew and grew.  I guess I can ultimately trace it back to my constant seeking to understand the deeper elements of life.  Yeah, let’s go with that…

Tarot is a powerful tool and the way that I was taught to read often gets commented on because I don’t read according to the card meaning.  From my own studies of tarot, dream psychology, and energy, I tune in and “read” the energy based on what is intuitively being communicated.  I’ve worked on developing clairaudience, which for all intents and purpose is listening to what Spirit is communicating, is considered by some a form of channeling.  I’m working at keeping life simple so I basically “listen” to the energy and share the message.

The thing about it, is that this is available for all of us with a little (or a lot of work and practice). Just sit on a bench and watch what is going on around you.  Ask yourself why something is reappearing in your life?  Why is this person here more than once?  Become a student of your experience and the veil is lifted…

Traditional tarot folds in many symbols that are very useful and the more I learn about them, the more it helps.  I imagine my reading style will continue to evolve as I practice the craft more in addition to studying more.  I was called many years ago to a statue of Thoth, would find the Thoth deck a few years after that, and it is a long-term goal to learn about the intricacy of that deck.  I wish I’d found this field of study earlier in my life but as I reflect back, I realize that the timing of it all has been perfect and that I’ve been a student of life, spirituality, and mysticism since I was but a child and that I’ve always sought to know God, in my own way. So Tarot has been a great tool for me.

I am not opposed to different tools and have used the I Ching, Angel Cards spreads, and Animal Cards for people here and there.  From that “research,” I find that there are many viable ways to communicate with the Spirit and many different tools to use (now why did he say that again?).  I like cards with vivid imagery because it’s a quick way to get into what’s going on with people.  I prefer to sit and talk with people and communicate answers to questions in that fashion but most people I read, I’ll never see again, so during that blink of an eye of time that we have, I am sure to do my best to share the fullest expression of the message the Spirit has for them.

Other Note: For more on Clairaudience, I really enjoy this article.

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