Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Now..

Thank you for this moment, thank you for this Breath.

If one can take a breath, sit in the moment, and climb the mountain of consciousness, one arrives exactly to Now, as it always is, the empty, perfect cup, that can be filled, and filled, again, again, again. However you wish for it to be filled.

Being there is where creation really gets fun.  Because everything is out there.  Every possibility.  Every inkling.  It can be instant.  But it takes time in the body, it takes practice, to get to instant.  And where’s the fun in that? Doesn’t brewed coffee taste better than instant?  Isn’t it fulfilling to see a plant grow that you planted and nurtured?  Doesn’t it feel amazing to eat something you took the time to prepare?

The same can be said about our lives, our dreams, our desires.  All it takes is Faith in knowing that in the Now, you always have exactly what you need and never have to worry.  It is worry that derails the train.  There is no need to derail the train.

So let it go.

Let it be.

Let it Flow.

And you shall be set free.

To be full, who you truly are, a Child of God, Now.  Because it’s who you really are!  And that’s what Jesus meant when he said those who follow me will be saved but those who just spout on about his teachings will not.  Because he was talking about walking your path, walking your path fearlessly, because when you do that, you know that God is always with you and you are trusting “Thy Will Be Done, Not my will be done.”

There are many paths to God.  We each have one.  We need only walk it because through walking it we release all that does not serve us and marry the Spirit, totally, fully. Truly, madly, deeply, and experience God in all.  And because God is in All, All is well.  All is right.

So live your life.  Live it Now…



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