Adventures in Urban Mysticism: You’re Beautiful Mirror (Have you looked inside)

Yesterday, I was on a walk with Adya around Magic Island.  I had forgotten that we had taken a stroll with Steven aka The Soul Samurai many moons agos but the 72 y/o still has her chops about her ; )

So we were having one of our conversations about God, Life, Love, and the amazing experience that is being and all of a sudden she stops and tells a young child: “You’re beautiful!” to which the girl’s mother replied: “Don’t tell her that.”

Adya stopped, ignoring the comment and told the girl, Lily: “you’ve such a beautiful Spirit.”  The mother again replied: “You don’t know her…”  Adya didn’t scold the woman but she said: “Have you looked inside her at all?”  The mother stopped, didn’t know what to say or do, much as many people I’ve seen interact with Adya (and in greater frequency with me).  We’d chat a bit further and Adya would give the young woman a magic stone and the mother would change her tone from one of challenge to gratitude.  Lily’s birthday was a day before Adya’s, so the young Sagittarius was still growing as an Archer but it was an interesting mirror to see for Adya.  As we walked away, Adya said: “The mother doesn’t mean that, it’s own her stuff, probably anger toward the girl’s father.”  We watched the sunset, chatted, laughed, laughed, we laughed and then went out separate ways.

And like that, I swear I was swallowed by a vortex as I was summoned to counsel a young man who was a mirror into my own younger me that I had met at the end of last year.  Where I stumbled in counseling him earlier, my Journey having taking me further down the Rabbit Hole, I was much more successful, as I found that which I was seeking in my own Journey.  I always made the kid smile but this time when we parted ways he was flying.

As I write now, a young man sits across from me, diligently at work on his computer, another mirror into my Soul, I felt the bug saying to speak so inquired to him what his dream was, what was it that he wanted to do in life.  His reply: “To go into film.”  There he sat, 13, and I sat, 31, numerical opposites in a sense but still sharing a thread because we are both of Spirit.  I talked to him a bit, he asked me what I did, and I watched as he beamed with telling me about his Father, who would join us later.

Kids look up to their parents man and that one stray comment can be devastating.  This young gentlemen, Aaron gave me hope today that the future will be bright and I hope I gave him a boost to pursue his own dream just as I know Adya made a difference yesterday.

And that’s how simple life can be.  It’s all about not being afraid to share love and express the honor we have for what lies within.  Quite magical indeed.

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