No Title

I cannot write

I mean I can

but for some reason

It’s not time

So I’ll rhyme

Since it’s a rhythm

That unfolds

Or perhaps

I’ve just said

All I can say

At this time

We retired once

From commentary

Now didn’t we

I watched it

Where’d that get us?


It’s okay,

Expression just is.

No right

no wrong

Just the way…

Time to Fly: To Be Seen Clearly

Image from via Tumblr

To be seen clearly and honestly by another Human while the Soul does it’s stroll through this plane of existence is a beautiful thing, particularly while weathering the Dark Night of the Soul.

Our Souls are here to live and experience life fully.  Either way we get the lesson. Listen to those who have come before as they near the closing times of their lives and share the knowledge gained their experience.  Pay close attention to what is communicated because there are keys there, the same knowledge can be found in many texts as the core of it, how Life Explained and undressed from each is really what it’s about: putting the pieces of our lives together and understanding.

Whatever we collectively choose shall take us to the place we need to be in our lives.  Whether that means standing tall and filled with love and gratitude for this miracle of life, of being, or whether that means being brought to our knees, either way, individually we get the lesson, and collectively the world will get the lesson.  We are at a crossroads in the experience of our collective consciousness and I believe the Earth, our home is vibrating in a way to show us that.

This is exciting because it means great change is upon us.  Better in my opinion to err on the side of love and excitement, be filled with joy rather than fear and horror.  Whatever our level consciousness is vibrating at, so will be our experience.

I don’t believe 2012 will be chaos.  I don’t believe the “veil parting” will mean insanity, that the mass exodus from Plato’s Cave will mean doom.  Man has been talking about the End of the World since it began.  I think it’s because we’re in a rush to get to what’s next.  Don’t worry, that will come. The Journey will take us.

I believe that we are destined to realize our choice between greatness and mediocrity.  What is it that you shall choose?  Why is it that you shall choose it?  Whatever it is, be who you are, who only you can and are meant to be.

I see the “best” sitting next to the “worst” every day, in it all because I have allowed myself to know the Light and Dark, the Good and the Bad in myself, I have accepted my Humanity needs my Spirit and that my Spirit loves my Humanity.  In not judging what unfolds, not resisting the natural Flow life gives, I am realizing more and more consciously what my Being already knows:

We are here to fly, we are not meant to crawl.

Thank you!  THX!  Hallelujah!

Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Dude…

On Writing

So some strange things have been occurring.  If Adya were here, she’d say: Nonsense, it’s magic Dear-uh.  Well, Dr. Strange, the Master of the Mystic Arts in the Marvel Universe is fast becoming a favorite of mine in the comic book world and strange equals magic in my book.

I’ve taken to writing things out while at work and I can’t deduce whether of not I’m hearing what I hear because it’s just waiting for me to acknowledge it or it it’s making it up, but man, the people I’m writing about walk in.  It’s cool, eerie, it’s WTF mindblowing.

Now, the important thing for me to remember is to script adventure, abundance, and good vibes because I’ve scripted alot of not so any of the above and Dude it kicked my ass in real life.

On Gratitude

I know a young man who drives a Lexus, doesn’t pay rent and at 20 just got his first job after going overseas for months, all paid for.  And he’s still miserable.  I don’t fault him but I have to point this situation out because I see the writing on that wall.  I was given what I was when I was, not necessarily like that, but we are all given things in life in the form of experience, relationships, money, etc. and it’s like it’s an opportunity to show our gratitude for life and if we don’t big fraking


I heard another man today complain about his order always being wrong wherever he goes.  If we tune our consciousness to things going wrong, to the world not being right, to wanting to escape, our situations will mirror that.  The life around us is what we believe.  At some point we have to stop listening to the BS of duality, powerlessness, lack and take ownership of our experience and create what we would truly like to live out.  We script the d@mn thing and that’s a beautiful gift.  We’re on a see-saw right now in the world and I guarantee we will get the collective lesson.  Err on the side of Love and Gratitude and not on the side of Fear and Disdain.  Life’s beautiful as long as we are alive yo!

On Slanging Fortunes

I’m not a fortune teller.  I’m Intuitive.  Maybe one of my work roles is a Psychic and I can get views into the scope of what’s out there but the bottom line, we are very powerful creators and whether I give you a message from Spirit or not, it comes down to what you believe and how that comes to fruition.  The point of which I believe all this stuff that happens, good, bad, otherwise because of what we’re attached to creating, to “knowing.”  Know nothing is certain, go for Joy, and you’re good to go in your hood.

With That…

Peace and Magic to ya!  Love, Aloha, High-Fives and for my boy “Doomsday” the grey clouds are not going to follow you this week ; )  Oh yeah, and I’m going to script lottery wins right about Tomorrow!!!

Life, life, life!!!

I’m running low on blog titles.  The above seems to be appropriate and this blog is an open thought/free spirit experiment which I need to do because I’ve been doing so much writing lately with a point, with a purpose, and yeah, I need to just write and flow a bit.

Everything is coming together, the psychic business is starting to feel sustainable, my online writing is coming around and creating opportunities in great ways. I’m super stoked to be able to experience this after going through what felt like trudging through uncertainty.  I feel like I’m about to reach a light at the end of a tunnel, start a new chapter in my life and for once, I’m not in a hurry, just enjoying each step as this journey unfolds and is starting to show me that sacrificing time, money, and “comfort” for finding out what I love, working at living that is truly a worthwhile experience. I felt it at times but I wasn’t really all in on the idea.  Each day of my life, it shows me more and more that there is great truth in releasing fear to follow your bliss, listen to your Heart, to be who you are…

It’s weird, so simple, just let go and allow, and life just works out.  I’m fortunate because I’ve gotten to see and explore many different “consciousnesses” from light to dark to paranoia to mad to bliss to whatever.  My personal goal in life is to be the best being that I can be and by having had such a diverse life experience, an adventure of encountering so many people from all over the world in the many different roles I have played thus far, I’m grateful to find the beauty in it all and see how the system as a whole is not only necessary but it works just as it is.  I had to change, not the world around me, but me.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next for the world but I’m enjoying my experience and I am truly grateful for this life.

“Live it, Love it, my Dear-uh!  You are It!” ~ Adya

Mis-Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Tuck My Tail

This isn’t a misadventure so much as it is recalling a number of times in my life where I had to sit back and lick my wounds, tuck my tail if you will…

I remember how back in the day, I hopped from job to job thinking this was it, I’d found it.  And it wasn’t what I was looking for.  Dejected, putting all my energy in time and time again only to be misled by own rush, my own zest to really live using the compass of logic, though logic is necessary, it is illogical to trump the Heart, something I’ve always known but it took experience to teach, to grill deep within.

I remember the same with my relationships, putting unrealistic pressure on the situation, watching the seems fly apart, watching the intensity and strength of love dissolve as I was not whole and as life set in, a life which is unavoidable so long as we are in the body and is the whole reason we are in the body in the first place.  I resented my humanity.  I felt so lost, bruised each time and no one could understand my intense passion for living, why self-mastery was so important.  How could anyone?  When I didn’t understand it myself…

My battle is no longer arduous.  I don’t need to retreat.  I do take time to myself but where it was once spent in inner turmoil, it is spent cultivating peace, being gentle with myself, and remembering the futility I engaged in for so long and the subsequent pain it caused.  I find the “bigger” part of Soul coaching the “smaller” parts of my psyche, building their community and allowing each expression including my Inner Skeptic and Inner Douche Bag.

Today, each day, I watch as people are finding me, much as I once found people, sought out for confirmation, my own Five People You Meet in Heaven type of scenario playing out not after death but in the Kingdom here and now, each day, each conversation as I testify about the Spirit, as I offer not only proof but “show” my scars.

Scars I wear proudly and offer and share because it is through the healing of scars that we know our love, the true love deep within and no longer need to retreat, no longer have to tuck our tails and feel defeat because life is exactly as it should be in each and every moment, there is no need to resist it.  There is no defeat, only growth.  And that to me is beauty.

Mad, Mad, Mad

This year has been a blur.  Burr!!! I’m pretty cold too.  I get cold below 80 so this change in weather is cool and all but it’s a little too cool for my liking.  There’s been so much going on recently, I don’t know where to start really.  Anyhow, I just thought I would check in and tell the world: Chee huu to all of you!

Keep walking, even when we are brought to our knees, great views can be seen.  And remember, it’s all an adventure.  Sometimes comedic, other times dramatic, but nonetheless one big adventure…

Day’n’Night / Dark Loves Light

The Dark steps aside to

Admire the Grim

As she Graces the Light

For Without the Grim

Adorning the Light

How could One not see

There is Beauty even

As She Sparkles

For only in the Dark

Can we see the Night

In All Her Truth

Experience Her Glory

And Honor Her Brother’s

Light as he makes his

March, Shining through

Each Day…