No Title

I cannot write I mean I can but for some reason It’s not time So I’ll rhyme Since it’s a rhythm That unfolds Or perhaps I’ve just said All I can say At this time We retired once From commentary Now didn’t we Yes I watched it Where’d that get us? Hmmm… It’s okay, Expression […]

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Time to Fly: To Be Seen Clearly

Image from via Tumblr To be seen clearly and honestly by another Human while the Soul does it’s stroll through this plane of existence is a beautiful thing, particularly while weathering the Dark Night of the Soul. Our Souls are here to live and experience life fully.  Either way we get the lesson. Listen […]

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Life, life, life!!!

I’m running low on blog titles.  The above seems to be appropriate and this blog is an open thought/free spirit experiment which I need to do because I’ve been doing so much writing lately with a point, with a purpose, and yeah, I need to just write and flow a bit. Everything is coming together, […]

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Mad, Mad, Mad

This year has been a blur.  Burr!!! I’m pretty cold too.  I get cold below 80 so this change in weather is cool and all but it’s a little too cool for my liking.  There’s been so much going on recently, I don’t know where to start really.  Anyhow, I just thought I would check […]

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