Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Right Where You Are…

I had a most interesting experience today as I sold some gold.

I have noticed recently, that whatever happens, seems more than ever that it was meant to happen just as it did, in that way.  It really pops when I am about to go through something that previously would have seemed unpleasant.

I have been living fairly minimalistic over the last few years, in increasing fashion over the last year.  As I chisel away parts of my life that don’t have a deeper meaning, I find that meaning is all around me, literally everywhere (person, place, thing, otherwise).  I’ve often written that Love is all around, all there is truly is Love, and that is God, God is Love.  Makes sense when you take the time to consider what does it mean for God to be omnipresent.

Recently, I felt how God was always listening, as a result, I hammered out the book (yep, if you’ve been following, finished A Call to Love) that God asked me to write and placed in my Heart early on and followed up with dreams and messages from the Spirit ever since.  Today, after I sold the gold and went to the bank to deposit the money that came from that experience (more than I expected, bonus!), it was like God was winking at me everywhere!

DC Comics relaunched its Universe with The New 52 last month, including the title: Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. The mastermind of the whole operation is a character named Father, a young girl with big round glasses and pigtails.  As I got to the teller, there I saw a woman dressed up for Halloween wearing big round glasses and her hair in pigtails.  And it hit me that she looked the spitting image of Father!  I laughed and turned to see her nameplate read: Grace.

A year ago, I would have gotten chicken skin and kept asking what it all meant or why it was happening. Today I smiled and as I did that, I noticed a giant smiling Spider hanging in the back.  The Spider is an interesting creature in my Journey.

“The Spider is the only creature that lives everywhere, mansions, shacks, penthouses, alleys, cities, jungles…” Adya’s words as we discussed the Spider, a spiritual character best discussed another day, but it’s funny and worth mentioning because I just asked the Universe yesterday when The Spider might be gracing me with a visit again, and voila!  Right there with a smile along with Father and some Grace.

I didn’t get chicken skin because I have realized in my search that the cup I was seeking to fill is always full when I allowed myself to see that part in myself.  In so doing, I can now see it reflected when I allow my self to do so, because that is the choice we are given, to find the Love, God, see Grace in it all.

Far from perfect, far from the end, I feel good inside, and I keep find myself saying: that’s worth something, something I can’t put into words, can’t give a price too, all I can do is smile.

And I’ve fought the smile.  Fought it for many years.  Found myself fighting it last night, even as my Heart felt wide open.  Life is beautiful, you know?  Why fight it?  Why deny it?  So long as the heart beat beats and the breath breathes, there is beauty to take in…

God is real and I believe the world is ready for God in the way God intended:  True Love, honest Love, authentically joyful, and brutally compassionate.  I imagine that’s why the world is shaking.  We just need a really big something or another to see that God just wants us to smile.

We don’t take the Journey.  The Journey takes us.  That’s what being on the Journey means.  So why not just be where you are?

Mahalo ke Akua.

~Father briefing Frankenstein and the rest of the S.H.A.D.E. team on a situation, we can only hope they are being dispatched to The Jersey Shore to address The Situation there… (Note: image originally taken from this page and from the pages of Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Issue 1)

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