Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Speaking in Tongues

I was working on some things tonight at a Barnes and Nobles and two people sat next to me.  They started to speaking a language I could not place, I’m guessing one of the Eastern European ones but I can’t say for certain.  I couldn’t understand a word but all of a sudden one of them starts to discuss Sound Therapy in English, and how music, certain sounds, and even someone’s voice can have a healing affect on people.  The person he was speaking with kept responding in the original conversation language and he went back into that language right after.

It tripped me out though because as someone who is interested in healing, it seemed almost serendipitous that I would hear such a thing at such a time.  It could be a coincidence but I don’t believe in such and even as I type this they move into a discussion about Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.  God’s speaking in an interesting fashion today.

Hmmm, I’ll be back after I follow more of the breadcrumbs…

Tune in same Simple Voice channel, same Simple Voice time.

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