Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Wink Wink

Today I got to be the Wink!

It was cool and as I write, it cracks me up some because in college I was “Wink” Walter to go with “The Professor” Ga”r”vin and “Kid Squid.”  Gavin, Michelle, and I were sitting outside, presumably intoxicated and I started calling what was going on around us like it was a baseball game and that’s how the names came to be.

“Wink Walter here with The Professor and Kid Squid.  We have Campus Security racing through the dorms…”


I was called in to cover today, so I went and took a couple of hours.  It’s days like today when it’s clear to me I’m there for whoever walks through/I’m exactly where I am supposed to be at any given time (whether scheduled to be or not).  My boss just told me yesterday she believes we are there for the people who come through and find each of us.

Recently, I’ve been able to sense when a reading is coming.  Last night, I was closing up but heard “sit down” so I didn’t shut off the lights.  There were two women, about 15-20 feet away, so I went and sat back down, and sure enough they came in.  The other day, I was reading a book and all of a sudden, stopped and looked up.  I saw someone in the crosswalk and knew he was coming in.  I couldn’t make out who it was from that distance but as he approached, it was a friend who used to work in the Market, Jerome.

Today, same kind of deal, I just looked up all of a sudden and saw two women off to the side.  One of them came over and asked about the readings and we talked briefly and I told her to sit.  She came in and I did the reading and it was strange for me.  I don’t openly talk about God in the Tree unless it comes up.  I realize we live in a World that is what it is so I respect different beliefs.  Yet in this woman’s reading, I clearly felt she was seeking God and had been looking for confirmation.  I told her what I heard, what I saw, and her eyes teared.

It was very powerful for me because when I look back at my life, so often did I feel like God was there but I couldn’t always hear or see God and struggled because I still felt alone.  Yet somehow, some way, someone came along, or something happened that gave me reassurance, and at times they felt like winks.

So today was a cool experience and it felt good to give that back to another.

Mahalo ke Akua (THX be to God)!!!

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