Adventures in Urban Mysticism: What’s Next?

Free Yourself!!!

I encounter quite a few people who want to know what’s next, who’s next, how’s next and so on and so forth.  I can be quite guilty of this as well.  From my experience of doing this too much and the hard way I might add, focusing too much on next, and not on Now, leads to missed opportunities, dashed hopes, and the dreaded disillusionment… DUN DUN DUN!!!

That being said, it’s hard to not get caught up in it.  In terms of desires, we get so addicted to the next that when we reach it/manifest it/whatever, it’s not enough, it’s not what we were looking for in the first place.  And before you know it, a year passes, a relationship ends, and life is about to close with a whole lot of wishing and not much living.  Life is called life because it’s about living and we don’t have to wait for next in order to feel alive.  I don’t know the cure but I’m working hard at expanding my own presence and enjoying my experiences as they come. That’s all we really can do because life delivers what it does, when it does.

Like today, my today delivered a whole lot of unexpected.  Today was crazy!  I pulled a 12 hour shift at the tree, slanging fortunes, busting Tarot, doing what I do (which I prefer to view as spiritual consultations but I realize the entertainment part is the draw in the first place so I’m playing hype man here) yesterday.  And while that was not today, I woke up at 5a yesterday to meditate, slept at 100a this morning and was up bright and early, back at’em because I had three job interviews today.  Each was interesting as I went from Townside to the Airport back to Town.  The first was beautiful and I feel like I “showed” well and connected but we’ll see what happens (because what happens is), the second was like on the spot we want you save for my availability, and the last was we want you but…

I say the but because in the middle of it, my interviewer had to take a phone call.  30 minutes goes by and I set my leave time for 3:40 and he comes back at 3:38, having conferenced it up with the different parts of me, the observer self mediating, and realizing that this was perhaps not the best fit and I should have trusted to cancel after the first went so well.  But it didn’t strike 3:40 and he returned and there it occurred to me that I was there because not only was it where I was, but because he needed a space to talk in.  Dude was stressed, wore it, breathed, expressed it, kind of blew up a little bit but I held the space, and he got a chance to breathe, got a chance to open up and connect, which it was apparent that it was something he needed.

Oftentimes, we have to go through things in order to get to where we are meant to be (which whether you believe in meant to be or not is where we end up anyway), and my day ended on a couple highs.  I got to connect with an old soull in a young vessel finding her way up the Mountain and talk to a friend who’s striving to be a better man, one step at a time.  And I saw my mirrors in it all, and was okay to gaze into each without judgment because I’m growing too.

Today was beautiful and though tomorrow will have it’s own set of things to do like editing A Call to Love, editing the 434 Tattoo website, writing another blog for that, possibly satisfying my ego and looking at jobs because I’m neurotic like that, and going for a walk, breathing, maybe reading a comic or two, today is cool and I’m content to remain in today, in the Now so long as it lasts.

Chee huu to all of you and enjoy the Journey.  It’s taking you after all…

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