Life, life, life!!!

I’m running low on blog titles.  The above seems to be appropriate and this blog is an open thought/free spirit experiment which I need to do because I’ve been doing so much writing lately with a point, with a purpose, and yeah, I need to just write and flow a bit.

Everything is coming together, the psychic business is starting to feel sustainable, my online writing is coming around and creating opportunities in great ways. I’m super stoked to be able to experience this after going through what felt like trudging through uncertainty.  I feel like I’m about to reach a light at the end of a tunnel, start a new chapter in my life and for once, I’m not in a hurry, just enjoying each step as this journey unfolds and is starting to show me that sacrificing time, money, and “comfort” for finding out what I love, working at living that is truly a worthwhile experience. I felt it at times but I wasn’t really all in on the idea.  Each day of my life, it shows me more and more that there is great truth in releasing fear to follow your bliss, listen to your Heart, to be who you are…

It’s weird, so simple, just let go and allow, and life just works out.  I’m fortunate because I’ve gotten to see and explore many different “consciousnesses” from light to dark to paranoia to mad to bliss to whatever.  My personal goal in life is to be the best being that I can be and by having had such a diverse life experience, an adventure of encountering so many people from all over the world in the many different roles I have played thus far, I’m grateful to find the beauty in it all and see how the system as a whole is not only necessary but it works just as it is.  I had to change, not the world around me, but me.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next for the world but I’m enjoying my experience and I am truly grateful for this life.

“Live it, Love it, my Dear-uh!  You are It!” ~ Adya

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