Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Dude…

On Writing

So some strange things have been occurring.  If Adya were here, she’d say: Nonsense, it’s magic Dear-uh.  Well, Dr. Strange, the Master of the Mystic Arts in the Marvel Universe is fast becoming a favorite of mine in the comic book world and strange equals magic in my book.

I’ve taken to writing things out while at work and I can’t deduce whether of not I’m hearing what I hear because it’s just waiting for me to acknowledge it or it it’s making it up, but man, the people I’m writing about walk in.  It’s cool, eerie, it’s WTF mindblowing.

Now, the important thing for me to remember is to script adventure, abundance, and good vibes because I’ve scripted alot of not so any of the above and Dude it kicked my ass in real life.

On Gratitude

I know a young man who drives a Lexus, doesn’t pay rent and at 20 just got his first job after going overseas for months, all paid for.  And he’s still miserable.  I don’t fault him but I have to point this situation out because I see the writing on that wall.  I was given what I was when I was, not necessarily like that, but we are all given things in life in the form of experience, relationships, money, etc. and it’s like it’s an opportunity to show our gratitude for life and if we don’t big fraking


I heard another man today complain about his order always being wrong wherever he goes.  If we tune our consciousness to things going wrong, to the world not being right, to wanting to escape, our situations will mirror that.  The life around us is what we believe.  At some point we have to stop listening to the BS of duality, powerlessness, lack and take ownership of our experience and create what we would truly like to live out.  We script the d@mn thing and that’s a beautiful gift.  We’re on a see-saw right now in the world and I guarantee we will get the collective lesson.  Err on the side of Love and Gratitude and not on the side of Fear and Disdain.  Life’s beautiful as long as we are alive yo!

On Slanging Fortunes

I’m not a fortune teller.  I’m Intuitive.  Maybe one of my work roles is a Psychic and I can get views into the scope of what’s out there but the bottom line, we are very powerful creators and whether I give you a message from Spirit or not, it comes down to what you believe and how that comes to fruition.  The point of which I believe all this stuff that happens, good, bad, otherwise because of what we’re attached to creating, to “knowing.”  Know nothing is certain, go for Joy, and you’re good to go in your hood.

With That…

Peace and Magic to ya!  Love, Aloha, High-Fives and for my boy “Doomsday” the grey clouds are not going to follow you this week ; )  Oh yeah, and I’m going to script lottery wins right about Tomorrow!!!

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