Time to Fly: To Be Seen Clearly

Image from makemestfu.net via Tumblr

To be seen clearly and honestly by another Human while the Soul does it’s stroll through this plane of existence is a beautiful thing, particularly while weathering the Dark Night of the Soul.

Our Souls are here to live and experience life fully.  Either way we get the lesson. Listen to those who have come before as they near the closing times of their lives and share the knowledge gained their experience.  Pay close attention to what is communicated because there are keys there, the same knowledge can be found in many texts as the core of it, how Life Explained and undressed from each is really what it’s about: putting the pieces of our lives together and understanding.

Whatever we collectively choose shall take us to the place we need to be in our lives.  Whether that means standing tall and filled with love and gratitude for this miracle of life, of being, or whether that means being brought to our knees, either way, individually we get the lesson, and collectively the world will get the lesson.  We are at a crossroads in the experience of our collective consciousness and I believe the Earth, our home is vibrating in a way to show us that.

This is exciting because it means great change is upon us.  Better in my opinion to err on the side of love and excitement, be filled with joy rather than fear and horror.  Whatever our level consciousness is vibrating at, so will be our experience.

I don’t believe 2012 will be chaos.  I don’t believe the “veil parting” will mean insanity, that the mass exodus from Plato’s Cave will mean doom.  Man has been talking about the End of the World since it began.  I think it’s because we’re in a rush to get to what’s next.  Don’t worry, that will come. The Journey will take us.

I believe that we are destined to realize our choice between greatness and mediocrity.  What is it that you shall choose?  Why is it that you shall choose it?  Whatever it is, be who you are, who only you can and are meant to be.

I see the “best” sitting next to the “worst” every day, in it all because I have allowed myself to know the Light and Dark, the Good and the Bad in myself, I have accepted my Humanity needs my Spirit and that my Spirit loves my Humanity.  In not judging what unfolds, not resisting the natural Flow life gives, I am realizing more and more consciously what my Being already knows:

We are here to fly, we are not meant to crawl.

Thank you!  THX!  Hallelujah!

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