A Time to Fly: Embrace the Love

There’s some truly Dark levels of experience out there.  In no way do I doubt that.  But I address that we don’t need to linger in there or feel powerless because of it.  The Ego will trap and hold us down not because it wants to, but because the certainty of Fear and the addiction […]

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Many Blessings

I’ve been gifted a great deal of blessings this year and it slapped me upside the head last night as I sat out and looked at the moon and reminded myself that I’m always full, it’s just perspective.  A year and a half ago, my life was arguably in shambles (I see now how great […]

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Finding God in Pizza…

Soooooooooooo… The night after “I’m not an A$$**** McGee, the band kid with an attitude, rolled in, a young woman with some swagger came in with some friends and on the sly one of the friends was shooting a video.  It’s not the first time that I’ve been video’d or recorded during a reading but […]

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