Good Ole Fashioned Soul Food

I love music.  I’ve probably mentioned that once (or infinity times) in this space.  Well last night, I got the chance to be a “Yoza Virgin” and listen to the voice of local musician, Yoza.  It was quite the performance…

The tag on the website is: “saving the world one song at a time…”

And I believe it. Not only because I believe the world can be healthier but because there is something about being in the presence of someone doing what they love, and doing it well.

Not only does her voice have range, it is filled with the depth of an open Heart that feels fully.  Music, IMO, is something that can just fill a person, change a mood, and oftentimes, make one feel like the Journey isn’t undertaken alone.  I argue that the only way that we relate is through feeling, as we can never see the world through the eyes of another, nor can we know their experiences but… we can relate to the feelings of those experiences, and it’s that, which I think makes being a Human+Being special.

Music, when filled with powerful emotion helps me to feel like maybe I’m understood, that this spiritual Journey is really truly about connecting not only within but all around.

So that was inspired by just her voice, to see the live performance is to take something in, take it to another level.  I’ve seen alot of local musicians and people perform on streets, in venues big and small all over.  The most memorable are the performances that captivate my attention.  I’m a crazy Gemini and it’s hard to keep my attention, the only thing that does command my attention is my sensitivity to energy.  Before they got on stage, I was feeling pulled by everything around me, in part because my intuition has been picking up the more I do this type of work and in part because bars aren’t my scene these days.

As soon as they started to do the sound check, something changed, I could feel the energy working its way through the crowd, taking hold of the space.  When I work with people, I often liken what I do to “holding the space” meaning, people come to talk to me and I hold the space long enough for a sense of calm to unfold, for the energy to balance.  In this case, she took hold of the space and that was pretty cool, it was opposite of what I am accustomed to.  They say the Dalai Lama commands a room just by entering it, whether she knows it or not, Yoza does the same.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see her headlining a huge venue because…

Watching Yoza, how the band complemented her wonderfully, I felt like I was in a dream, like what I was watching blurred the lines between reality and something mythical.

I guess you could say I’m pretty spiritual, I mean, I work is as a Psychic Reader in Waikiki, do Intuitive Consultations, and write about such things as Urban Mysticism, Inner Psychic, etc. and it’s not hard for me to go into the dream these days and it gets easier the more I do it.  BUT THIS, but this was like I was pulled in.  It was really cool and I say if you get a chance, check this page out to see when there is another opportunity to catch Yoza et. al perform.

And watch as you get pulled into the dream yourself…

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