Time to Fly: Holy The World is Not Going to End Batman!!!

Holy Chaos and Destruction Batman!!!

Is this the end of our Dynamic Duo?  Could it be that the Apocalypse is descending upon us…  AAAAAaaaayahhhhhh!

Find out next… STOP!!!

Okay, real talk.  The world is not going to end.  If anything, life as we know it will change, but what’s new about that?  Doesn’t life change in a moment anyway?  Don’t unexpected things come up whether we are “prepared” or not?  And if sh!t gets “real” and bombs are flying over our heads, why don’t we deal with it then?  Why live in our underground shelters Now.

Personally, I’d rather be in the group that deals with it, whatever it is, when it arrives than in the group that is saying, “see, told ya Zombie Apocalypse, you should have gotten that shotgun.”  And if you’re in that other group, that’s fine.  We all have to be who we are, I just think enough other views are expressed so I will express the view of Operation Freedom of the Heart/Occupy the Spirit.

I might do Psychic work but I don’t know anymore than any one else if the Apocalypse is truly unfolding.  I’ve seen many Psychics, Spiritual Teachers, Guides, so on and so forth and I get everything from extreme good and extreme bad in the forecast.  From my own “spiritual” aka “understanding the meaning of my life” studies, this is what I deduce, our lives unfold according to where our awareness is pointed.  I’ve had Psychics/All of the Above tell me things that came true and things that didn’t.  And the determining factor through it all… me.

Where I focused, that’s what my world became.

So if enough of us focus on chaos, death, and destruction, we’ll find more and more of it even though sunshine and rainbows and smiling babies share the space. If enough of us only seek out what our leaders are doing wrong, which even if 85% is foul, we’ll fail to see the good that is there, because there’s alot of good out there that they do.  And regardless of what is happening beyond our control, we still control over improving the quality of our own life experience.

As we create our experiences, we ride a roller coaster through many levels of consciousness, which my crazy Gemini self can move through quite effectively, many times a day.  And that being said, having lived extremes, I see the folly in the extreme. It’s silly.  It’s draining.  The extreme is what’s causing us to suffer because of the natural pain that exists being in the body.  Pain has nothing to do with Love, Hate, Joy, or Fear.  Pain just is and the suffering comes from our inability to be spiritual and grounded.  And if anyone can talk on that, it’s me (See crazy Gemini statement above).

Is it all Love?  Yes, but Love embodies Pain and Perseverance and without those aspects of Love, the sweetness of it wouldn’t be as full of being stoked-ness as it is.  I know that last bit doesn’t make a lick of sense, but in my world, stoked-ness is awesome, and who’s life is it anyway?

Is it all God?  Yes, a massively expansive version of God without limits.  But in my feeling, Yes, and God, like the Universe is still creating new things and replenishing the Earth (and aspects of our lives when we allow).  And if we focus on crap, we’ll get more of it, that’s how giving the Universe and Life is, it gives us exactly what we want and what we focus on.

Either way, the word that one chooses to describe Life, God, Love, Universe, whatever, it’s describing a connection point, a place to tune into, that we can only find because we already have it within.

And right next to Love sits Hate/Fear in the passenger seat, with other characters along for the ride wherever we are.  Right beside our Inner Angel watching UFC and Dancing with the Stars is our Inner Devil.  That’s just Life and I think balance is allowing all to co-exist without judgment because we’ll have a whole slew of emotions and feelings that arise so long as the Spirit is living in the Body.

I write this because for whatever inane reason, we learn by getting burned and I have to express that getting burned from my focus on the Fear Consciousness I lived from in the past, is just not worth.  And I’m tired.

And I think many others are tired as well.  So let’s take a stand.  Get off that street corner with protest and hate, go high-fiver a tree, go and really hug your loved ones, go draw, breathe, have fun.  Read a comic book.  I don’t know, whatever you deem fun.  The Psyche gets enough overload of not-fun so why not add some fun to the recipe. Life is short.  I guarantee the Soul when it exits will say: Dang! Why’d I learn the lessons through extremes.  How can I guarantee that?  Because I realize I Occupy the Spirit when I choose and when I sit there, I see how fulfilling life can be wherever I am and that’s it a choice not to be there, and when I choose that, I see the meaningless everywhere.  It is Beauty, it is Chaos.  It’s all there, depends where you’re looking.

And in terms of global equality and economy.  Is it really that bad if we have parity in the world?  Is there not enough to go around?  Because a company made 1 billion and not 1.5, was it really a horrible year?

I’m just saying…

Note: That’s the Damien version of Robin pictured above and he wouldn’t say the Holy yada yada bit.

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