Adventures in Urban Mysticism: The Joke’s On Me

So last night, a friend sent me some info about some Psychedelic, DMT, which is naturally secreted by the brain in dreams and at the time of Death.  He saw a video, wanted to give it a try, and wanted my opinion.  I hopped on the old Google and well, as some accounts may have described amazement and beauty beyond description, I couldn’t help but thin: why would anyone want to go somewhere they couldn’t remain?  Not to mention the stuff about “Machine Elves” and feeling like being in an open air market with these elves bartering with you.

I have known this guy, for a while, have done spiritual work with him, and I advised against it highly because it didn’t sound healthy, particularly with some things he’s grappling with. The Spirit may be indestructible, but the Psyche is fragile and can be damaged severely depending on what we do to it.

There was a study awhile ago which showed that Schizoprenic episodes and the mystical experiences of monks had the same type of brainwaves.  The only difference was the monks were prepared to expect the unexpected and so the things they say didn’t trip them out whereas the other people were not prepared.  I have seen things in meditation that are beyond words and can only be described as dreamlike.  In many ways, I speculate, in deep meditation, we can see and travel between dimensions, which I imagine is the point of drugs such as DMT.

As much as the body is real, I believe the Truth lies in the Spirit and the only way to experience that is through the body.

And, if you really pay attention to life, you don’t need see the “Machine Elves” to experience them.  In Hawaiian culture, they talk about the Menehune, and little creatures popping up throughout many different traditions.  There are very real spiritual elements, dimensions, whatever you want to call it out there and we can “walk in other worlds” constantly.  In fact, we do so unconsciously many times a day.  I think the key is to be aware when you slip into one.

So last night, after reading these articles, my own awareness took me into comedy.  I was getting clowned all night long by these punk band kids (I will refrain from calling them Band Geeks).  One came in and had a smirk on his face and I don’t know why but I read him when the very human part of me wanted to slap that look off his face.  At first it seemed like it was a waste of time and the highlight for both of us was when he said, “I’m not trying to be an asshole.” and I said, “But you are an asshole, we all can be.” and he finally left.  It was a silly game that I can’t say I enjoyed until, it dawned on me how funny it was that these kids who probably got teased because of high school stereotypes were acting out in this different setting.  It made me think first of this:

I immediately thought back to the insecurity and the insanity of high school.  I’d see the young man go high-five a friend and think to myself where’s the jocks when you need them?  Then former UFC Heavyweight Champ, Cain Valesquez, walks by with his wife.  Priceless.

And the joke totally hit me.  I couldn’t stop laughing. because it was like I was propelled into something I had found amusing before and that whole concept of how the “Machine Elves” give experiences that are beyond words and my correlation that it already unfolds played it out right before me.

I would shortly thereafter see a Captain America Shield T-Shirt on a kid and I thought of the two images, which is why they are included.

We write our lives.  I don’t know yet how deep that goes or why but I do believe it is possible to have fun, enjoyable experiences time and time again in life if we learn to allow them, because God and Love can be found through it all.

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