Finding God in Pizza…


The night after “I’m not an A$$**** McGee, the band kid with an attitude, rolled in, a young woman with some swagger came in with some friends and on the sly one of the friends was shooting a video.  It’s not the first time that I’ve been video’d or recorded during a reading but I figured, if there’s a chance that I’ll be on YouTube someday, I’m going to record it myself.

And well, it’s odd.  It’s like one big laugh at myself.  And I got to find some beauty in that.  I used to be intensely serious 24/7 and not so much these days.  There’s a dash of seriousness but I’m getting the playfulness of life down a little bit more each day.  There’s so much beyond our control.  We only have what we’ve been through and where we are currently to gauge what is to come, so even more so is being present, living Now, important.  The future, as much as maybe we can tune into it, is not yet written and life, each one of our lives is like a movie being watched for the first time.  There’s some awesomeness to that IMO.

With that, we’ve got Finding God in Pizza and whatever else F(ol)lows.  Much love to you all!

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