A Time to Fly: Embrace the Love

There’s some truly Dark levels of experience out there.  In no way do I doubt that.  But I address that we don’t need to linger in there or feel powerless because of it.  The Ego will trap and hold us down not because it wants to, but because the certainty of Fear and the addiction of beating ourselves up is comforting in that it is known, it is so familiar, it’s easier to allow Dark than it is to shine Light.

Love may be our birthright, but our world is set up in a way to refute it at every turn.  That’s why fighting to see the Light aspects of life and not to the let darkened lens forever dim our outlook is so important.

Life is uncertain but that does not meant that we have to hate it.

It does not mean that we must hate ourselves.

Our Souls are on a Journey and in going through the Journey, we learn more and more about who we really are.  I truly believe incorporating a spiritual view, in however it works for each of us, can help to transcend the damages live brings to the psyche.  In the beginning, that damage comes from our own willingness to love and the inability to understand the situations where we are abused.  This often roots deep in childhood and it takes lifetimes of the Soul to move beyond because after awhile, we end up accepting the abuse, the limiting beliefs that get engrained within us as our reality.  We continue to perpetuate ‘crimes’ against ourselves and the Ego’s hold becomes so strong, it finds more and more ways to tell the story of Victimhood.

I know young man, who was a client, who is convinced the world will lead to famine, despair, and war.  He nicknamed himself, Doomsday, he tells me over and over he comes from Dark, and the Light doesn’t know, and that I’ve forgotten.  He’s so locked into his story he can’t see anything but what he believes.  He’s a strong force and though he told me that I make him question some of his thoughts, his energy makes me question. And while I question, I cannot, I will not accept his accounts as reality, because his reality is not mine.  His issues are not mine.  I need not be swayed and doubt all the Love I see everywhere because someone else does not allow it.

Because that’s not Faith.

Faith is without question.  On one level are there some really atrocious things out there.  Yes.  But can we really agree on what is good and bad.  No.  Not at all because we all have vastly different views.  This young man tells me I have a “Universe is Perfect Theory.”  I don’t think in terms or perfection, I think in terms of balance and when I say things are okay, they work out, it’s because I don’t fight it so much these days.  I can only change how I feel, I cannot change another, nor can I change the events that are unfolding that are beyond my control.

We cannot prove or disprove that what happened is meant to be or supposed to.  It’s just what is.  If we spend our time and energy hating on God or a Creator or not seeing a need for Love by looking at all the negative then what the heck are we in life for it?  Even our science has shown us both sides, that we will destroy should we continue to do so and that the world is replenishing itself despite our advances to kill it.  The world, Nature, is naturally balancing, returning to a state of well-being, it’s healing despite what we do…

There’s a whole lot of hate out there.  The hippies were on to something but then their extreme didn’t add up.  I think my life has shown me different things so that I could see how important it is to be able to mediate for my own life, look at it from both sides and come to a firm place in what I belief.  Not because it’s better than anything else, but because when each of us can arrive to the middle, then we can be clear and see life as truly intricate, beyond words, and amazing as it is.

We will argue until we die and then those who come will argue even more.  We have evidence of that.  We need not curse it.  It’s all a part of the experience.  The propaganda of the the End of World has been thrown around since the dawn of time.  Sooner or later we could make that happen.  Or maybe we won’t.  For many, that already is present.  Or it happened already.

Whatever the End of the World is for each of us, it’s definitely an experience but like any great movie, you can’t predict the end or know the story until you’ve seen it all  And if sh!t hits the fan, then we have to pick up the pieces, we can’t spend our lives waiting for that, preparing for it.  I don’t care what anyone says about stocking up on canned goods, because if the end of the world as per these predictions happen, none of us will be prepared because the change that takes place will hurt us deeper than some canned goods will allow.  The hurt that will be realized is that we caused it collectively.  And that to me, that’s why I push even more to share with others that we can live healthier.

We may still be able to ‘save this world.’ I believe in that.

We may not be be able to ‘save the world’ from going on a path of destruction.  I am aware of that.

But whatever happens, it happens, so why question, what’s not yet arrived.  We cannot continue to fight life.  We don’t have to fight it.  If anything, fight for your smile, fight for your Heart to not be consumed by the Fear, the Hate, the Misery that the individual and our collective Ego is so addicted to because it is known.

We have the ability to have amazing lives regardless of our circumstance.  We need only listen, we need only let go.  We must allow.

This young man, he tells me he sees me in the future, mad about things and on some council as we rebuild.

If anything, I’m mad now.  I’m mad that we as a people forget so quickly.  That as much evidence as we have to create good things, we buy into the bullsh!t that the Fearmongers sell.  If we live our lives on the what-if’s then it’s a hollow life, an empty life, a life that will be lost all to quickly, and if we each look at our individual lives honestly, we can see how those losses piled up, not because the system is against us, but because of our own addiction to misery and being averse to the fact that Pain, that Dark, is just a part of life and it is necessary.

I might never change the world and that’s okay.

But I’m going to change myself as much as I can, I’m going to find a way to find the Love in every experience.  The young man tells me I need a reason.  I know my reason, it’s always been family.  It’s always been about healing.  I don’t need any other reason as there’s too much to process it’s just overwhelming.  But to simplify I can step back, remind myself, I’m on a Journey and to find the Love, because I promise, I guarantee, as the story unfolds, we can find it if we allow it.

So embrace what’s ours.  The only person that can do that for you is you so stop beating yourself up.  There’s no point to it.  Dark only has power if we believe it does.


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