Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Who, What, Where, Why, When?

So I small kine slacked off on this column…  What’s that movie, Clueless, I think: Oops, my bad!

Well, this here blog will not be in depth about a topic but rather I’m going to do my best to give you an example of how to Embrace Your Inner Psychic and work with your Psychic abilities. So let’s get to it!


YOU!  We are all Intuitive and being Psychic isn’t much different than that (in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the same but a different word for a something some such or another).

There are some people who are more naturally inclined to use this aspect of their being, others are just more interested in the numinous and mystical, and others still who just trust their gut and leave it at that without an explanation.  There’s different kinds of people because what fun would the recipe be if it were just one type of way were all the same.

My Journey led me into this kind of ‘stuff’ and believe you me, I fought the whole thing every step of the way.  Only recently am I opening up, like the last few years.  It’s also just a different type of work that I enjoy, and I’ve had a diverse background and enjoy many things.  I was always seeking and this area of study and work has helped to fill in some blanks and mainly start to approach the question of…

JMAW say what?

Exactly! What’s really going on in the Spiritual Journey.

What’s the deal’yo?  I was always interested in understanding my place here and why seemingly ‘magical’ things would happen and then to find the correlation to their regularity or irregularity, dare I say their synchronicity.

As a result, I often found myself somewhere between the Eastern Philosophy and New Age sections of libraries and Borders (rest in peace).  I would Google: Spirituality, Spiritual Journey, Vision Quest, and stuff along those lines because no one I knew really had the answer and it was so easy to go for the quick and easy answer.  I find that in some of the students I’ve picked up, they want the fast and short version and to know it all now.  LOL, I laugh at myself because I have been there too.

While I am a believer that the books that are ‘meant’ to find us will, I’m more influenced these days by watching life and getting into the stories that I’m watching at play around me, identifying the stories that I’m involved with myself, and the ‘shows’ are being scripted as we speak. The grandest story is your own and as it unfolds, as you watch it, it can be so exciting and at the very least, fascinating.

Most of us when we get into anything, look for videos, books, and so on or some one to talk to, take a class, do a little some some lidat or approach it in that fashion.  I think that’s an important part of answering the what and it’s cool because in this day and age, we can learn about just being and spirituality online.

But life is not meant to be lived online.  I consider the web a tool for communication and to learn but getting out there, mingling, mixing it up, and watching with a playful Spirit is really…

Where?  Where, you find your Inner Psychic!

And start to enjoy life wherever you are.  Which really, isn’t that what we all want?  Fulfillment?  Enjoyment of our circumstances?

I’ve had so many experiences (see Adventures in Urban Mysticism) where the old Intuition fires up or I do a Psychic Reading in Honolulu that helped me to understand how this sense works for me.  And in turn, I’ve been able to guide others, which is pretty bomb IMO, but also I get a sense as to…

Why I’m here?

And in looking at that really listening to life, and working on understanding what works for me, it helps me to release and allow the differences without judgment (which I’m still working on more each day) because the questions and answers are vastly different for all of us depending on our lessons.

I think tuning within and being clear with what we experienced as children that really inspired us is an important starting point.  A big part of who I am is adventure and service and I feel that’s because I wanted to be Indiana Jones, a Pirate, and a Pro Wrestler.  Then I just wanted to help the world.  So Adventure (first three) and Service (last thing) have helped me to understand why I’m here and what makes me happy.

I used to approach it logically.  But logic only gets us so far.  Logic cannot checkmate the Heart and the more we shut off to living from a place that vibes within, the more our lives are in chaos.

But every single moment, of every single day, in every single life, we have a choice to make a change, to take that one breath, be stoked for the base of being alive and from there taking a step towards what’s fulfilling.  However that is for each of us to figure out in some ways, because what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.  And again, that’d be pretty boring if it was all the same.

So if it seems vague how I’m explaining, that’s by design, my goal is for one to think what enlivens oneself because that’s how to build and know the Intuition.  I speculate our Intuitive Self is one with the Heart and I totally believe the Heart never lies.


I know this Pisces young man who’s swimming in both directions.  One day he’s “enlightened” and gets it.  The next he hates it all and can’t understand.  It’s a Journey…

Does it end?  It never does.  The rabbit hole just goes further and further.  It’s pretty Matrix seeming.  Not like jumping over buildings kine but in a sense that the world looks different to me everyday the more and more I stick with this Intuitive stuff.

It’s better that way for me these days.

I always hokey-pokey’d my Spiritual Journey, and I like having an online blog here that allows me to reflect and see where I was and to laugh at how many times I think I got it all, especially in trying to explain it.  [Silly, silly, Jason.]

Because really, how can we explain a thing with certainty?  We can’t because life is continuing to evolve and God, Love, and everything to do with Life have an ever-expanding scope until it can be explained with certainty but we’re all still learning who we are, so we’ll leave it at that.

And perhaps the only way to really answer all the questions is when we leave the body.  And that will happen with certainty so why not live fully and take as much in as possible until then?

I’m just sayin’…


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