Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Will Read for Food…

So what does an out of work Honolulu Psychic do?

Well, after getting asked to join a group that meets in the middle of a field at midnight on Mondays, getting multiple offers to sell my Soul, and so forth, I walked in to have a few words with the woman who said I could do this work professionally.

She immediately put me on the schedule.  “To continue your learning.” were her words…

Then I went and did what Jason does best, fired off rapid shots of energy and it all seemed to be roll in at once.  I got offered a position with a team that is nestled in a nice vortex of energy (on the Windward side of the island )and is all about well-being.  It’s cool because I get the opportunity to develop the programming, which is awesome and pro-spiritually themed things and, AND I get to be nice to people, which I’d do otherwise but that’s a perk.

I also met a publisher interested in seeing my manuscript.  And just now, I met someone who is developing scripts.

It’s pretty crazy.  I’m kind of at a loss here.  It’s like all these things I pushed for are just happening.  Not because I pushed but because I was ready.  And it’s funny because I simplified what I was asking for and I finally identified what I valued.

Life is totally a blessing and it’s amazing to allow it to unfold (and to get out of my own way).

Mahalo ke Akua!

Adventures in Urban Mysticsim Redux: Snip, Snip

I didn’t even recognize you. ~ Sergio

“What you like?” The lady who cut my hair for the first and possibly the last time [not because it was bad but because I tend to move around].

“Short, time to cut it.”

“Okay, I make you look younger and handsome.” She replied.

Snip, snip. A pile of hair on the floor later and there it lies.  Everything that grew out of me over the last year plus, lying in a pile askew on the floor but it was time.

“Don’t let anyone cut your hair.” The words of my former teacher, former friend. She also said: “Don’t get tattoos that are visible. I see you doing this, this, and that.”

Yeah, sorry lady, it was time to cut it, I needed a change.  As if an arm sleeve outlining my spiritual journey wasn’t enough, as if the angel over my Heart Chakra and the Tiger crawling down my entire back wasn’t enough change, for some reason the hair was.  The hair did it.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your intuition. I heard the other day.  They said Samson lost his strength with his hair.  Well, I’m not in that story, and it doesn’t matter if I leave doing psychic work, it follows me.  It doesn’t matter if I exit the Rabbit Hole, my vantage point is at a place up the Road to see what’s out there and be open for there to be more.

So I cut my hair.  Snip, snip.  It’s hair, I can grow it back if I wish.  Or not, I may even go shorter than what she did.  Why, because I don’t need other people to tell me how I should look or who I should be anymore.  I listen to a place that comes from Truth and when I listened to the other nonsense, it just (….) me in a most unpleasant fashion.

Consider that the ritual I underwent to release the energy of being The Seeker.  I found what I sought Underground.  And I have returned to share it.  I grew up Normal enough, whatever that means and I return to live a normal life because there lies the beauty, what’s important for me. Not the mingling with the who, what, or why.  Not the status but the normal.  I always used to say I was of the people and for the people.  And I stand by that, if anything, I understand it better than I ever did.

Thank you God.



Exiting the Rabbit Hole has not been easy and I think some of the entities I met within are following me out.  Or perhaps I’m more aware of what’s out there than I was before.

I think it’s a bit of both…

There’s a bright, big world out there and it’s balanced by some very Dark Nouns (Person, Place, or Thing).  I do not fear it but it trips me out still that it’s real.  I think many people don’t even realize or take for granted the impact these energies can have.  I still believe that in the end only Love is real and that it shall prevail, but for those of us walking on the Earth, it’s not the end so working with and through these energies are very important.

No matter what, keep walking.  Step by step.  Day by day.  It’ll all even out eventually.  And when it’s done, well it’s dust and not much will matter at that point.

Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Spiritual Betrayal

“Something’s rotten in the State of Denmark.” ~ Shakespeare

So far in my life, if I’m parting ways with a mentor or a teacher, it hasn’t ended so cool.  I think the reason for that is because of my own dependence on someone external up until this point in my life and my value of loyalty.  Maybe I was an Old Wolf in a past life…

My first experience with the ending of a teacher/student of life/Spirit relationship began to end when my life was threatened in order to ‘motivate’ me.  While I see what happened, in that space and time, it was very hard to go through.  Imagine someone you look up to, who has given you counsel threatening your life unless you do something.  Pretty nuts, right?

With another experience, I was asked if I wanted to sell weed because at the time I was hard for money and well, I didn’t like that idea very much.  There were a couple of other elements at play that showed me this Being’s Humanity and I walked away without drama in that one but I was still questioning, ya know?

I was later told by a guide that we’d have a lifelong relationship only for it to end unexpectedly (at the time it was but when I look back at it, I could see it coming) only to be told I was being released because I could guide myself.  It was strange because I was feeling something in my intuition that I could not explain and according it led to some conflict between us.  It was underlying, perhaps it always existed, but it’s okay.  I had committed myself to living from and for Love and well, things didn’t add up.  So while this didn’t have a bad thing at all to it, I did feel a sense of abandonment in light of all the events I was dealing with but it was cool because I had reached some point where I could guide myself.

In theory, in essence, that’s what it’s all about.  You do the hokey pokey, turn your life around and walk each time a teacher enters and exits life.

But, ho Brah (as we say in Hawaii), the most recent experience really stings.  It stings because the knowledge I was given by the Teacher was invaluable, extremely helpful but when the tables of our lives have turned, true colors were shown…

It’s easy to share spiritual knowledge but it truly is hard to practice what one preaches, that’s why they say the expression, has to be.  The hardest part of this experience, this teacher is the very one who told me to always trust my Psychic, the Intuitive part of my Being, trust in it always, and in this case, that part is telling me that what I’m getting from her in regards to a recent development is well, beyond words.  And it mirrors the experiences above but perhaps the higher we climb up the mountain of consciousness, the harder the pill gets to swallow each time.  And the others, they never forget their humanity…

I don’t want to throw my teacher under the bus.  But man, I can’t believe this is the experience playing out in my life.  I did some research and read a number of articles about spiritual teachers abusing their posts and their students, so apparently it’s common.  So it’s not surprising, we are human, I get that.  But…

I found myself going to a place where I would get no bull and went to talk with to my first ‘real’ Psychic Teacher.  The first Psychic and person who told me I could be Professional at this and that my relationship would end (“I wouldn’t usually tell people that but with you the Spirits said I had to.” She said with a laugh.) and there was a Mountain I was being called to.  Funny right?  Most people see Psychic and think Bull.  I don’t because most of what this woman has said has come to pass in my life.

Her words are the most telling and helpful of this recent experience:

“You never put a teacher on a pedestal.”

The others were up there because I put them up there.  This one yes and no…

I know in time, I will be able to see this clearly.  I accept that it’s time and I’m ready, in fact, my Spirit has been nudging me for sometime and this hard slap was what I needed to trust my own Knowing and say peace out with honor.  Technically, she’s not been my teacher for almost a year since she let me go in March of last year.  But she kept saying she was my teacher and well, man, I respected that.

It’s hard.  As are many of things we face in life.  That’s okay.  I also learned early on you don’t put your values on others because it leads to disappointment but man, when I say I love someone and I appreciate them, I really do.  I don’t throw that around.  I haven’t always been conscious of my words because I was dealing with my own stuff, but I really focus on emphasizing the balance, the middle of being Human and Spirit.  And it’s a task Dude!

The human part makes mistakes, no doubt, that’s the beauty of being human, making and growing from mistakes.  I’ve made many but I strive not to stab people.  If I do something cutting, I often sense it and try to do what I can to atone for it.  And many times I have fallen short in that in the eyes of others but only in the last year have I undertaken the Journey to forgive myself always.

“It’s all just an experience.”

Yes I realize that.  But you stabbed me, you cut me, and I see you for who you are.  I love you, I forgive, and I release you to the Spirit.  But we are done.

“I can divorce you, you know?  Oh wait, they telling me I shouldn’t tell you that.”

But you did, a few weeks after we met, and I didn’t see it then, I was too in awe, and it’s okay, it makes everything I gained that much more valuable.

“You need these experiences so you can teach people…”

Yeah, I never thought I’d get this experience from you.  But it’s okay.  I accept it.  Lord knows I’ve been through worse and worse yet.  I’ll keep on walking the Path.

“I love you know.”

And that’s the thing about Love.  It comes in many forms and when a person doesn’t feel loved by the actions of another, it’s very telling.  It’s one thing to be dependent upon the love of another.  I’ve been there.  It’s another time to feel when something unloving is coming at us and well, that’s a choice.

It’s a choice to love.  It’s a choice not to.

It’s okay, I love you but I can’t walk with you anymore.  My trust in you as a friend is broken.

“Be your own Guru.”

I forgive you but right now I can’t talk to you, not until the hurt of this passes.  After I honor it.  And if we never talk again, that’s okay too.  I know what is is just a part of the Journey in each and ever moment.

“It’s just an experience.  And you’ve no time for it.”

Hurt is real.  It is a real experience just as the Spirit is.  Just as a great many things are.

“You’re going to move.  Well, I shall miss you.”

Thank you Teacher, I set you free, you’ve been trying to kick me to the curb since I first met you.  You don’t have to do that any more because I’m gone.

A Time to Fly: My Thoughts on Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

Well in just two days, a YouTube video, Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus, has taken the world by storm and is garnering a plethora of views.  I am curious to see when the hype on this dies down.  I mean YouTube also made Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 stars.

Anyway, I liked the video, I think YouTuber, bball1989, made some good points.  Others thought so as well because it was amazing to watch the number of likes and dislikes both grow while I watched the thing.  I also liked a number of response videos, in particular, Why I Dislike Your Poem, But Love Jesus.  It was curious to see how many dislikes the response video had as opposed to likes.  If you really listened to the responder, he merely pointed out some contradictions in the original argument.

Which leads me to ask the question:

For there to be healthy discourse, shouldn’t there be different views?

Where I do stand in this?  While it’d be a cheap way to make a video and get some hits to my fledgling YouTube account, I think it’s all cool how they got it going on already.  I personally don’t think Religion is the whole answer, I believe that Jesus is the Man, and choke other Avatars were pretty awesome and so forth and also had some wonderful things to say about God and their experiences with Him. I guess that’s where I stand in this space as I currently Occupy the Spirit.

From my experience in life, so, so, so many times, I have felt like a free agent being recruited by both sides.  I have had recent encounters where I was conscious of the Devil Consciousness, of Lost Souls, and so forth and even more so does the free agent experiences of the past ring even louder for me and I’ll leave to a classic from the Goodie Mob courtesy of Cee-Lo Green:

“A trip to your Soul is the only way to learn.”

I so totally agree, as the trip along The Dark Night of the Soul, through the space of the spiritual crisis, time and time again, what’s helped me the most to find God in All is to choose to listen to the Spirit and walk there.  For that is the sole (insert) that allows me to see clearly and know God is always with me.  And God doesn’t need Religion to be everywhere, ya know?

Joseph Campbell made the argument that religions only truly work for the founder.  I concur man.  Jesus was Jewish and yet I’ve encountered many Christians who aren’t too open to our Jewish Brosephs and Sistinas.

I personally don’t think Religion is bad.  It is what it is and I know what my relationship with God is.  I don’t think anyone else can tell me that nor should any ideology limit that relationship.  To be One with God is to be One always.

I do believe in much of the wisdom that is written in the Bible, Isaiah Chapter 2: 1-5 (2:3 – He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths).  That entire section spoke to me so much because it talks of a time of peace, as we each walk along the “Paths” that God laid for us.  I like that “Paths” is plural as it points out that there are more than one way up the mountain.  I think sometimes Religion loses sight of that.  And Jesus certainly didn’t.  He did after all teach of the Good Samaritan and talked people down from stoning a woman who sinned.  #I’mJustSayin’

I think this video will fade into a Future VH1 show: I Love 2012, and we’ll laugh at the jokes at whoever the pop-culture people world casts in that edition.  Oh wait, that’s right, the world’s ending this year.  Scratch that last line…

Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Oh Yes…

I ‘retired’ from writing political commentary many years ago.  I lasted about two months or maybe it was three but I no longer do that so it’s a done deal but yesterday I was told twice by someone they’d vote for me and this coming after being asked if I’d ever considered preaching [Yup, yesterday was odd].

I attempted to leave the Psychic Game in May of last year and it continued until the end of the year.  I may still do some Honolulu Intuitive Consultations here and there or elsewhere, but my days of fortune telling are behind me. Actually, I’d like to teach people about developing in that area so it’ll be in my space for however long it is as well.

So then, it should come as no surprise that Adventures in Urban Mysticism is returning.  It makes total sense to me, I did finish writing It’ll Be Okay and wait less than 24 hours to begin Part Two or the This is The Re-Mix [don’t worry that’s still burning in the ethers and some day it’ll all be published].

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Awesome!” ~ Roscoe Dash

Here it is, the Redux.  And why, Dear Reader?  Well because there’s still a whole load of mystical happenings going on, it’s 2012 after all.  It might still be A Time To Fly, but your friendly neighborhood Honolulu Intuitive has to keep on with the Urban Mysticism for your dome.

And I look at the last post I wrote, it was like it had no home, and shoot it deserves a home.  We all deserve a home!  I thank God, I have a home.  A year ago, I’d just moved into a house after couch-surfing for awhile and it was nice to have a place to call home.  Last year was also a little uncertain just like it is right now.

It’s so funny how life works, right about when it seems like it’s lining up, BAM, like Emeril Lagasse, something else gets thrown in.  I’ve had a number of experiences come up in my space that have challenged me immensely since January began.  I’m sick, the job I was supposed to start hasn’t, I’ve been getting pitched BS by all sorts of characters, am walking a new path from the person I called Teacher for over a year because it’s time, and I’m getting flooded by Dark.

On the flipside, I’m alive, while my health is a little under the weather, clear skies will return soon, and I have Faith it’ll all work out by months end because in some ways, my back is not against the wall yet.  It’s pretty darn close but I believe this is happening to solidify my Faith.  Tests are opportunities for us to see our endurance.  I can see how alot of strength has developed over the last year.  I have my feelings about some of the BS that was thrown towards me that include sh’yeah right to disappointment but the feelings are not derailing me because I’m not fighting them, I accept them.  I still feel positive and am not all ‘why, God, why?’  This is just what I’ve got on the road right now and I take that as a huge win.

You get to learn and see alot of Truth in yourself as life unfolds and in other people as their circumstances change.  There is a reason they say that true colors arise when you least expect them.  If I hadn’t done all the Intuitive work that I did over the last few years, I wouldn’t have trust in what it is that is being communicated to me.  The Spirit is telling me some pretty clear things that other people aren’t, and if I am truly walking in Spirit, I got to trust that even if I can’t see it.

This time in my life is giving me repeat lessons and I see that they are here to show me that I’m ready to step in a new direction and to finally trust my inner gauge on situations. It’s as though I’m walking into my own Flow…

In the past, I would often listen to the illusions people pitched from their own fears and let it guide me.  I did it myself and tried to help others in the same fashion because I did want to help, I just did not know how.  This commitment to improve, to be authentic and honest in all my movements through life grows more rewarding by the day and has shown me that I don’t have to lay down, die, ever because Death is already laid out and when we are clear with what we feel Intuitively, the illusions that others live dissolve and one can finally see Black, White, Grey, all interwoven quite clearly.

So with that, don’t worry, we’re back for all your mystical needs.  Besides, with the potential for the first collection of Adventures in Urban Mysticism to be the Bomb, we’d have to have a sequel now wouldn’t we?

; )

I’d also like to shout-out my Mom, my Dad, my friend Ape, my homie Kyle, my Hanai Uncle Henry, and everyone else out there who have stuck by this storm that I am.  I know that we don’t always agree, but y’all and people like you are real, are honest, and I appreciate that immensely!

Spidey Sense… Smoke Alert!!!

Photo Location: Hawaii Tattoo Shop, 434 Tattoo By: JMAW

The other day, I got a call from a gentlemen offering me a job.  I had sent him my resume shortly after I met him back in November (where? in a Reading of course!).  After a brief email exchange, I never heard back…

So when he called, I was kind of excited.  I thought that his project might be something exciting to be a part of when I first heard of it.  We played phone tag and finally connected and he told me he was going to be blunt…

“I think you’ve been selling yourself short and haven’t reached your potential yet.”

Hmmm, I would agree that I didn’t believe in myself very much in the past and it was a challenge to move through life but I think I did pretty well by “external” standards.  I have great references, three years of management experience, received a college degree, did enough Grad school to see it wasn’t for me, and have more or less achieved almost every professional goal thus far with the exception of printing t-shirts or the books.  AND, I will add a “yet” behind those because at 31, I’ve done and experienced quite a vast array of humanity.

In a Zen Proverb, it is stated, to know the taste of the ocean, a man must merely walk a few days to the ocean (it was made in Japan), dip his finger in the ocean and he will have tasted all seven.  Doesn’t matter if we’ve traveled the world or not, some of us do not have the luxury, especially with the current state of things, but wherever one is, one can learn.  And God, in His Wisdom, put me in a place all last year to interact with over a thousand of them from all over the World, and doing spiritual and intuitive work no, less [Pretty smart that Guy!].  This also came just after going across the US twice and ten years of doing servant leadership oriented work and volunteering.

Where I’m going with this, is that I’ve always wanted to be a better person and I am quite serious and intense in that.  Self-mastery is not an elective in my opinion.  I’ve studied life, studied humanity, have certainly tasted all the feelings, some in more ranges than others, but enough to understand the feeling when it hits me.  I often thought that was the beauty of this age, I’ve gone through enough to relate to older generations but I’m young enough to remember the fire of youth.  Oh, that mediation training and Buddhist concept of being in the middle…

And whether someone else thinks I’m selling myself short or that I’m too much of something one way or another, I did the best that I could for where I was at and I am still doing that.  While my pockets might not be lined (yet), I’m pretty happy and bounce back from various experiences much faster than in the past.  And thought I might be rocked from time to time, I’ve Faith I’m going to make it through whatever comes up and I don’t have to be miserable because of “inconvenience.”

“I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass, I think you’d be great as the PR and Media Relations person for us and you have a more lucrative future.”

I would totally agree there.  I play well with others, people like me, I have what I hear is dubbed “the gift of gab.” Adya, my former employer in the Honolulu Psychic world, one of my first Psychic teachers, Lyddie, and even the Devil himself say that there’s a Light about me and people are drawn to it.

“I’d like you, if you’re interested, to think about taking this role with us and you’ll make everything based on commission, you wine and dine them, and you get 10%, so if you get an investor to invest…”

FREEZE.  I thought there was no smoke…  No disrespect to Dude but even you, Dear Reader, have got to be raising your eyebrows. I hope his venture goes well, it’s a cool idea but the Spidey Sense, the smoke alarm, were all ringing.

It was a reminder to me of how important the practice to trusting the Spirit, the Intuition is.  Oftentimes in life, people tell you one thing, but the inflections in their voice, their body language/mannerisms, and ultimately, the one that we sometimes don’t honor because we haven’t worked with it enough to read, our Intuition speaking through the feelings that come with the situation, all of the above tell an incredibly different story.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame, shame, shame, that’s your name Brah!

I’ve been fooled many times in my life and I needed the experiences to teach me.  I don’t regret my past but at this stage in the game, I’m not going buy into something if it doesn’t feel right.  Factor in that I had a man dubbed Omega impact the importance of critical thinking, to really look at what I’m presented and how it can conflict and well…

In this case, I figured I would take a breath, laugh, and let it go because I’m not so much into pouring kerosene on the bridge, lighting the match, and watching the fire these days.  I did that quite magnificently in the past.  Now that’s not to say I might not still tear a few down here and there but eh, no fear, there are always more waves.

And that feels good to respect because I can now see there truly are multiple opportunities out there and whatever is right for me is what is/was chosen in that time/space.  And that’s okay.  No need to beat it up.  No need to reconsider.  Just learn and flow.

Grow, grow, grow.

Okay, that’s all.  My Inner Poet is trying to go all Busta Rhymes

Shine yo’ Light!