A Time to Fly: A Case for Honesty

I’m not perfect.

Far from.  I’ve made mistakes, I’ve omitted, I’ve rationalized as to deceive myself.  I’ve told white lies and have lied in the past.  Maybe this is me coming clean.  I forgive myself for not loving myself enough and not respecting others enough to be forthright when I needed. It was where I was at in my Journey at that time.  And who knows what life will bring me from this point on.  The X-Man Cable wasn’t seeing clearly when it came to rescuing his Daughter, Hope, during many of the X-Force/Cable crossover (and even still in X-Sanction), life throws us curves, you know.  Which is why…

I also realize it’s just an experience so I won’t hold it against someone if they do it.  Now that’s not me saying, okay Universe, let there be lies.  It’s just that I have to practice what I preach and we are all in our own Journey, doing what needs to be done and we’re all growing.

I write about this today because I’ve had a few occasions of being spoken to and getting the impression I was being lied to.  In one ongoing situation, with a gentlemen who came to me when I did my work as a Hawaii Psychic in Waikiki last year, and he really he wanted a life coach, I reached my camel’s back breaking point with this Dude and was super pissed for a few reasons.  Like if steam could come out of my ears, it was there.  In that last instance, as we talked, I wanted to be there to help this person but he was lying to himself, lying to me, making all sorts of inappropriate comments, etc. and yeah, not a pretty picture.

I was going to cut all my ties before that with this man but I was guided to go and have this last conversation.  As I did, I looked at him in his eyes and it was like a little voice peeped up:

“He’s lying.”



“He’s afraid.”

It was an odd experience to say the least and I don’t open up much about it and I haven’t always had to use it.  Our Intuitive Abilities are like that, waiting in the wings to be used as needed and in times when we need protection, they kick in as well (pretty cool inner guidance system if you ask me!).  Today it piped up because it happened to me again and like most things in life, it came when I least expected.

This time it was a friend and I gave him a few opportunities to come clean, in fact I wanted to doubt the Voice as it spoke up and sure enough, I got the confirmation in the simplest of mistakes. I laughed and left because I wasn’t about to challenge it.  I trusted my feeling, it’s the only thing that doesn’t lie.  I have a long way to go in the Journey still but I learned that much thus far, trust the feeling because it’s the only thing that’s real as we all have them, and we can all relate because of the energy that comes with the feelings

As I ‘looked’ at the situation in the ether, I saw that he was just doing what he had to and wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.  I didn’t take it personal but I was taken back and upon reflection, that’s where I even further realized he was where he was at, just like the rest of us, doing the best in that moment, that he could in his Journey.

And I can’t fault another for that.  Our Hearts are good, I truly believe that because the Heart is where we feel Love in its fullest.  He has a good Heart and Lord knows I’ve tried to be better each day without hurting others.  So I tabled the record my Ego wanted to put on blast because there’s no point in getting caught up in someone else’s stuff and it didn’t hurt me.  In the past, something like that might have derailed my whole trip but today, well, I’ve no time for creating drama like that and in the grand scheme of things is inconsequential and at best, it taught me, made me gentler and more understanding.  Who would’ve thought a lie could do that?

So with that, I love you Homie (plus the other Dude I mentioned), I forgive you, and release you to Spirit.  Just I as Love, forgive, and release myself more and more each day.

Man, it feels good to release.  Like I’m lighter, like, I’m really right there, about to fly.  Now, let’s see about some wings eh?  I already have a falcon and Death’s wings on my arm, hmmm…

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