A Time to Fly: Just a Blog

I don’t often just blog.  There’s always something deeper, either seeking to understand an experience or a point I am being guided to make about what I learned.  And yet, where does fun lie in it all?  Why can’t I just write yay, yah, yippee [Isn’t that what Twitter is for]?

“When I first met you, your hair was short, and now.  Well, my Dear-uh, now it’s past your collar.” ~Adya

She was remarking on how much I have transformed since she met me, but a year ago.  The Simple Voice was born five years ago [not really in the grand scheme of things but in this shared human experience and timeline].

[See even when I try to just flow…] I can see already that this entry is going somewhere and that’s just it.  It has.  When I began this chapter of my life, I remember telling the Universe, “I’m going to live my dream, whatever that is.” I stepped into the unknown for the first time in many years.  A move which at the time seemed crazy, I had a job that would have sent me to Graduate School, I had six years in a field, established myself, and there were tons of opportunities to grow.  But my Soul, it wanted to stretch.

I had long written since I was but a child and with the advent of blogging, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon the then ‘new’ form of expression.

When I first began this, I was in the world of politics and wrote some commentaries.   Much like many of the other things in life that I set out to do, led me to spirituality.  Funny how we can turn off the Path only to be led back on it, eh?  Makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as being off path or is it that we just might not be in tune enough to see, listen, and feel that wherever we are, is exactly where we are meant to be?

As I write, far removed from that life, that world, I’d not have dreamed that I’d write so much in my life and that I would be writing about spirituality, The Spirit, God, Love, Healing, and Inner Growth, as much as I have. I never dreamed that I’d spend a year of my life working as a Hawaii Psychic in the jungle of energy that is Waikiki.  It’s laughable in every single way because even in college, I was into spirituality and majored in Religion because that’s the ‘stuff’ I enjoyed.

[The Spirit is funny.  So funny.  When I prepped my social media/web content development addition to my resume, even that, that led me back here.]

The Simple Voice has never been just a blog.  It’s been an extension of my entire being, how I found my Self, by finding my Voice, the Voice of my Heart, that’s linked to the Spirit, to the Infinite, to God, to Love.  It helped me to write.  It helped me to remember because so often do we forget. And it showed me that as much as I didn’t want to listen, it was always there.  Just as its still there for each of us, we need only take the time to feel it all around.

Last night, I put together, from beginning to the end, Adventures in Urban Mysticism because while the Adventure continues, it is Now A Time to Fly.  As I re-read many of the experiences, I see how valuable a compilation it actually is.  And it’s a book length.  Crazy, I do like twenty plus drafts of A Call to Love [that’s the movie script Buddy] and without knowing it, I wrote a book.  And I loved every minute of it because I love to write.

Doing what I love, that’s what living my dream, whatever that was.  And it’s taught me so much, helped me to grow in so many ways.

As I have documented my own healing, my own being just a step or few ahead of others, I’ve not only left bread crumbs along the Journey, I’ve outlined the fullness of humanity.  So many of the books I read, so many of things out there, glossed over the struggles.  They were probably there but I needed to live them myself in order to understand this burning expression that’s been gnawing at me since I was a child to share.

As much as I wanted to gloss over the struggle in life, I could not escape sharing because I guess I always knew it was a part of my own Soul’s Purpose.  To live a full life, to see it from many different angles, and share that with anyone looking to do the same.  It’s important to share because I have long felt people feel like they can’t be like spiritual leaders, masters, avatars, and so on.

I don’t claim to be any of that.  But I do confess to being a man with a Soul, a Human+Being just like Jesus and Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Yogananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah, Joan of Arc, and so many others like all of the people I have had the chance to serve in this life and like all of you reading.

This has documented my healing, my transformation and will continue to do so because conscious growth is endless.  And I believe we are all ready to transform.  2012 is not the End we think, it is a new beginning.

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