A Time to Fly: The End of the World or To End in Peace

As 2012 unravels, the big ball of string that is the End of the Mayan Calendar and the possible End of the World [or oooh, my favorite and the Zombie Apocalypse] will be interesting to watch.

But doesn’t it seem like we go through one of these scares or events every decade…

I was born in 1980, and from the ole Google Search, I learned that talk of Armageddon was going on back then.  I was too young to remember, shoot, I wasn’t even born when the predictions were made so I won’t expand much there but it fits with my every ten years hypothesis/thought experiment so I’m going to roll with it.

End of Times talk and fear was rampant during the End of the Cold War, I was old enough to pick up on that, I may not have understood it but I could feel that the events had gravity too them.  I remember things like the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Protests of Tiananmen Square that same year, and then there was Desert Storm and I felt the fear, the frenzy that came from watching on television, images of the first bombs, the planes, the correspondents, this was my first conscious experience of war in this plane of existence so it stood out.  I also remember the collectible trading cards that came out during that time too.  Any way to make a buck eh?  And that seemed odd to me.

In the 90’s, I was basically emo minus the long hair, I played basketball, and I listened to rap music.  Or maybe I wasn’t emo and just a teenager…

At the time, I felt misunderstood, which after counseling/mentoring a number of teens since, I can see how I didn’t understand myself so how could I expect anyone else to relate? And I just needed something to relate to me.  And rap music did that for me. And things that made my Inner Child believe in magic but that’s another story.

The charged emotion of the beats, the sound of the voices, the feelings I felt that summed up a life I couldn’t understand in the body came out in the music, the experience.  I felt like I was relating and that’s illogical right?  Or is it?  Do not we all feel?.  They were the poets, the storytellers, the social commentators much as I find myself doing and growing into on my own path.  I think we’re all rappers, telling the stories of our lives, trying to understand the world by putting words to it. And I think that’s cool.  If you’re going to understand life, shouldn’t you strive to know about your own?

As the 90’s unfolded and were to become the millienia, it built up to Y2K, where everything was supposed to shut down, the aliens were supposed to return, and all of that.  Nobody knew what would happen.  But low and behold, we had the computer programmers working it out.  Pretty cool, huh?  They didn’t wield swords or wands but they wielded their skills and magic, saved the system from crashing and then the Geeks continued to roll out more cool things to help and connect us.  To maybe finally come together.

Psych!  Of course not, not for us, humanity, we had to find our next End of the World fix…

And when 9/11 happened, well, that really felt like it for many, especially to collective psyche of America.  I remember getting an early call, crowding into a dorm room on my floor and man, if it did not seem like this generation’s version of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.  It was shocking, unbelievable, and as the news, the reports surfaced maybe there was more that could have been done by different parties to prevent it, but regardless, the event really happened and it shook us all, all of humanity.

I’d watch as President Bush became the first President to have both the record high and low approval ratings, which is apparently becoming a trend as President Obama is experiencing the swings himself.  But well, that’s the President, it comes with the job right?  He [or she in the future] should be able to take it, run with the ball and make our lives better.  Forget that there are elements of Congress that can make or break policy but #i’mjustsayin’ and besides, we have to get back to the End of the World in 2012 [Pssh, focus JMAW]!.

Yeah, 2012!  Woo, it’s like a spiritual new age conspiracy theorist’s wet dream and man, I’ve been hearing about 2012 ever since, ever since.  You can’t help but see the books when you’re making your way through the New Age and Spiritual sections of bookstores and libraries attempting to find an answer to your spiritual crisis and learn about healing after all…  And with titles that have End of the World and End of this, that, and otherwise, how could you not browse one.  I know.  I know! I had a choice not to read them, but still Spirit, I’ve been bombarded by this propaganda forever ways sideways! and some of the people are so charismatic, their believe so sound, how could it not be worth a look?

Then I started getting the nudges, the slaps from the Universe to live in the Present, to do the spiritual work, to answering the calling.  The Spirit spoke.  I ignored and the Apocalypse, my version of it, happened a few times in many different ways, but the really big grand chaotic symphony hit me in 2010 [Every ten years, I tell you!!!].  So I prayed.  I meditated.  I had no answers but it’s the only thing that made me feel better. And I met others, who experienced their lives falling apart.  Who felt there was something else out there, there had to be.

And if there was, I was going to find it!

I went on a walkabout, a vision quest, a you-know-what-it-really-was?  I just finally answered a call.  A Call to Love.  And as I looked at the pieces of my life, the micro-system and see it reflected what was unfolding in the macro-system of this shared life around me, I saw it as an intricate system and my world would become what I focused on it. My fears certainly came true because of my energy.  So did what I loved but I was so gripped by fear.  Because Love, it was, too natural…

Too easy.  No, way too easy, that’s what I always saw anyway, that the Heart would not lie, that Love was the way, but I couldn’t have felt that, I couldn’t just say that.  No, it’s got to be this job, no, wait, it’s got to be that relationship.  Bah!

Trust your Intuition, combine it with the pieces you see from Past and Present and see how where you place your energy, Love or Fear, you get experiences that mirror.  Then step back and think how if everyone is experiencing the same thing, aren’t we co-creating this whole ride?

Accept that it’s okay to be wrong about Fear, that it’s not the only way, and let go of this fatalistic obsession of self-sabotage that doesn’t result in the gigantic end of the world but ends the things that impact us the most with our families, our communities, our jobs, our individual worlds that we walk.  I think the world can end two ways, with a Bang or with surrender to Life being, well, Life.  We’ve been banging at it for awhile, why not try the alternative?

Might lead to Peace.  Inner Peace.



One thought on “A Time to Fly: The End of the World or To End in Peace

  1. Just woke up from a sleep lasting ages. Seeing visions, people and place, I forgot existed. Then I stumbled upon your article and I thought I’d share…what I seen from my dream eye is…”to fly…the world…in peace”

    The story…”When we fall down the dark ‘rabbit hole’, our hands unconsciously reaches up above our head, there is a scream echoing in our ears and our eyes are tightly shut. In the blackness, we “surrender” waiting for “the end”. A time to meet our creator, we open our eyes…and see “wings?” Grabbing hold and sucked out of the hole into the light of a full moon. The tail of a fiery phoenix takes you to safety and then I see my iridescent dragon “wings” in the sky. For a time, I forgot they were there.”

    As the Sufi poet Rumi writes, “Time is a factory where we all slave away, earning enough love to break our own chains.”

    Mahalo for allowing me to share in the telling of story.


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