Spidey Sense… Smoke Alert!!!

Photo Location: Hawaii Tattoo Shop, 434 Tattoo By: JMAW

The other day, I got a call from a gentlemen offering me a job.  I had sent him my resume shortly after I met him back in November (where? in a Reading of course!).  After a brief email exchange, I never heard back…

So when he called, I was kind of excited.  I thought that his project might be something exciting to be a part of when I first heard of it.  We played phone tag and finally connected and he told me he was going to be blunt…

“I think you’ve been selling yourself short and haven’t reached your potential yet.”

Hmmm, I would agree that I didn’t believe in myself very much in the past and it was a challenge to move through life but I think I did pretty well by “external” standards.  I have great references, three years of management experience, received a college degree, did enough Grad school to see it wasn’t for me, and have more or less achieved almost every professional goal thus far with the exception of printing t-shirts or the books.  AND, I will add a “yet” behind those because at 31, I’ve done and experienced quite a vast array of humanity.

In a Zen Proverb, it is stated, to know the taste of the ocean, a man must merely walk a few days to the ocean (it was made in Japan), dip his finger in the ocean and he will have tasted all seven.  Doesn’t matter if we’ve traveled the world or not, some of us do not have the luxury, especially with the current state of things, but wherever one is, one can learn.  And God, in His Wisdom, put me in a place all last year to interact with over a thousand of them from all over the World, and doing spiritual and intuitive work no, less [Pretty smart that Guy!].  This also came just after going across the US twice and ten years of doing servant leadership oriented work and volunteering.

Where I’m going with this, is that I’ve always wanted to be a better person and I am quite serious and intense in that.  Self-mastery is not an elective in my opinion.  I’ve studied life, studied humanity, have certainly tasted all the feelings, some in more ranges than others, but enough to understand the feeling when it hits me.  I often thought that was the beauty of this age, I’ve gone through enough to relate to older generations but I’m young enough to remember the fire of youth.  Oh, that mediation training and Buddhist concept of being in the middle…

And whether someone else thinks I’m selling myself short or that I’m too much of something one way or another, I did the best that I could for where I was at and I am still doing that.  While my pockets might not be lined (yet), I’m pretty happy and bounce back from various experiences much faster than in the past.  And thought I might be rocked from time to time, I’ve Faith I’m going to make it through whatever comes up and I don’t have to be miserable because of “inconvenience.”

“I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass, I think you’d be great as the PR and Media Relations person for us and you have a more lucrative future.”

I would totally agree there.  I play well with others, people like me, I have what I hear is dubbed “the gift of gab.” Adya, my former employer in the Honolulu Psychic world, one of my first Psychic teachers, Lyddie, and even the Devil himself say that there’s a Light about me and people are drawn to it.

“I’d like you, if you’re interested, to think about taking this role with us and you’ll make everything based on commission, you wine and dine them, and you get 10%, so if you get an investor to invest…”

FREEZE.  I thought there was no smoke…  No disrespect to Dude but even you, Dear Reader, have got to be raising your eyebrows. I hope his venture goes well, it’s a cool idea but the Spidey Sense, the smoke alarm, were all ringing.

It was a reminder to me of how important the practice to trusting the Spirit, the Intuition is.  Oftentimes in life, people tell you one thing, but the inflections in their voice, their body language/mannerisms, and ultimately, the one that we sometimes don’t honor because we haven’t worked with it enough to read, our Intuition speaking through the feelings that come with the situation, all of the above tell an incredibly different story.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame, shame, shame, that’s your name Brah!

I’ve been fooled many times in my life and I needed the experiences to teach me.  I don’t regret my past but at this stage in the game, I’m not going buy into something if it doesn’t feel right.  Factor in that I had a man dubbed Omega impact the importance of critical thinking, to really look at what I’m presented and how it can conflict and well…

In this case, I figured I would take a breath, laugh, and let it go because I’m not so much into pouring kerosene on the bridge, lighting the match, and watching the fire these days.  I did that quite magnificently in the past.  Now that’s not to say I might not still tear a few down here and there but eh, no fear, there are always more waves.

And that feels good to respect because I can now see there truly are multiple opportunities out there and whatever is right for me is what is/was chosen in that time/space.  And that’s okay.  No need to beat it up.  No need to reconsider.  Just learn and flow.

Grow, grow, grow.

Okay, that’s all.  My Inner Poet is trying to go all Busta Rhymes

Shine yo’ Light!

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