Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Oh Yes…

I ‘retired’ from writing political commentary many years ago.  I lasted about two months or maybe it was three but I no longer do that so it’s a done deal but yesterday I was told twice by someone they’d vote for me and this coming after being asked if I’d ever considered preaching [Yup, yesterday was odd].

I attempted to leave the Psychic Game in May of last year and it continued until the end of the year.  I may still do some Honolulu Intuitive Consultations here and there or elsewhere, but my days of fortune telling are behind me. Actually, I’d like to teach people about developing in that area so it’ll be in my space for however long it is as well.

So then, it should come as no surprise that Adventures in Urban Mysticism is returning.  It makes total sense to me, I did finish writing It’ll Be Okay and wait less than 24 hours to begin Part Two or the This is The Re-Mix [don’t worry that’s still burning in the ethers and some day it’ll all be published].

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Awesome!” ~ Roscoe Dash

Here it is, the Redux.  And why, Dear Reader?  Well because there’s still a whole load of mystical happenings going on, it’s 2012 after all.  It might still be A Time To Fly, but your friendly neighborhood Honolulu Intuitive has to keep on with the Urban Mysticism for your dome.

And I look at the last post I wrote, it was like it had no home, and shoot it deserves a home.  We all deserve a home!  I thank God, I have a home.  A year ago, I’d just moved into a house after couch-surfing for awhile and it was nice to have a place to call home.  Last year was also a little uncertain just like it is right now.

It’s so funny how life works, right about when it seems like it’s lining up, BAM, like Emeril Lagasse, something else gets thrown in.  I’ve had a number of experiences come up in my space that have challenged me immensely since January began.  I’m sick, the job I was supposed to start hasn’t, I’ve been getting pitched BS by all sorts of characters, am walking a new path from the person I called Teacher for over a year because it’s time, and I’m getting flooded by Dark.

On the flipside, I’m alive, while my health is a little under the weather, clear skies will return soon, and I have Faith it’ll all work out by months end because in some ways, my back is not against the wall yet.  It’s pretty darn close but I believe this is happening to solidify my Faith.  Tests are opportunities for us to see our endurance.  I can see how alot of strength has developed over the last year.  I have my feelings about some of the BS that was thrown towards me that include sh’yeah right to disappointment but the feelings are not derailing me because I’m not fighting them, I accept them.  I still feel positive and am not all ‘why, God, why?’  This is just what I’ve got on the road right now and I take that as a huge win.

You get to learn and see alot of Truth in yourself as life unfolds and in other people as their circumstances change.  There is a reason they say that true colors arise when you least expect them.  If I hadn’t done all the Intuitive work that I did over the last few years, I wouldn’t have trust in what it is that is being communicated to me.  The Spirit is telling me some pretty clear things that other people aren’t, and if I am truly walking in Spirit, I got to trust that even if I can’t see it.

This time in my life is giving me repeat lessons and I see that they are here to show me that I’m ready to step in a new direction and to finally trust my inner gauge on situations. It’s as though I’m walking into my own Flow…

In the past, I would often listen to the illusions people pitched from their own fears and let it guide me.  I did it myself and tried to help others in the same fashion because I did want to help, I just did not know how.  This commitment to improve, to be authentic and honest in all my movements through life grows more rewarding by the day and has shown me that I don’t have to lay down, die, ever because Death is already laid out and when we are clear with what we feel Intuitively, the illusions that others live dissolve and one can finally see Black, White, Grey, all interwoven quite clearly.

So with that, don’t worry, we’re back for all your mystical needs.  Besides, with the potential for the first collection of Adventures in Urban Mysticism to be the Bomb, we’d have to have a sequel now wouldn’t we?

; )

I’d also like to shout-out my Mom, my Dad, my friend Ape, my homie Kyle, my Hanai Uncle Henry, and everyone else out there who have stuck by this storm that I am.  I know that we don’t always agree, but y’all and people like you are real, are honest, and I appreciate that immensely!

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