A Time to Fly: My Thoughts on Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

Well in just two days, a YouTube video, Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus, has taken the world by storm and is garnering a plethora of views.  I am curious to see when the hype on this dies down.  I mean YouTube also made Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 stars.

Anyway, I liked the video, I think YouTuber, bball1989, made some good points.  Others thought so as well because it was amazing to watch the number of likes and dislikes both grow while I watched the thing.  I also liked a number of response videos, in particular, Why I Dislike Your Poem, But Love Jesus.  It was curious to see how many dislikes the response video had as opposed to likes.  If you really listened to the responder, he merely pointed out some contradictions in the original argument.

Which leads me to ask the question:

For there to be healthy discourse, shouldn’t there be different views?

Where I do stand in this?  While it’d be a cheap way to make a video and get some hits to my fledgling YouTube account, I think it’s all cool how they got it going on already.  I personally don’t think Religion is the whole answer, I believe that Jesus is the Man, and choke other Avatars were pretty awesome and so forth and also had some wonderful things to say about God and their experiences with Him. I guess that’s where I stand in this space as I currently Occupy the Spirit.

From my experience in life, so, so, so many times, I have felt like a free agent being recruited by both sides.  I have had recent encounters where I was conscious of the Devil Consciousness, of Lost Souls, and so forth and even more so does the free agent experiences of the past ring even louder for me and I’ll leave to a classic from the Goodie Mob courtesy of Cee-Lo Green:

“A trip to your Soul is the only way to learn.”

I so totally agree, as the trip along The Dark Night of the Soul, through the space of the spiritual crisis, time and time again, what’s helped me the most to find God in All is to choose to listen to the Spirit and walk there.  For that is the sole (insert) that allows me to see clearly and know God is always with me.  And God doesn’t need Religion to be everywhere, ya know?

Joseph Campbell made the argument that religions only truly work for the founder.  I concur man.  Jesus was Jewish and yet I’ve encountered many Christians who aren’t too open to our Jewish Brosephs and Sistinas.

I personally don’t think Religion is bad.  It is what it is and I know what my relationship with God is.  I don’t think anyone else can tell me that nor should any ideology limit that relationship.  To be One with God is to be One always.

I do believe in much of the wisdom that is written in the Bible, Isaiah Chapter 2: 1-5 (2:3 – He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths).  That entire section spoke to me so much because it talks of a time of peace, as we each walk along the “Paths” that God laid for us.  I like that “Paths” is plural as it points out that there are more than one way up the mountain.  I think sometimes Religion loses sight of that.  And Jesus certainly didn’t.  He did after all teach of the Good Samaritan and talked people down from stoning a woman who sinned.  #I’mJustSayin’

I think this video will fade into a Future VH1 show: I Love 2012, and we’ll laugh at the jokes at whoever the pop-culture people world casts in that edition.  Oh wait, that’s right, the world’s ending this year.  Scratch that last line…

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