Adventures in Urban Mysticsim Redux: Snip, Snip

I didn’t even recognize you. ~ Sergio

“What you like?” The lady who cut my hair for the first and possibly the last time [not because it was bad but because I tend to move around].

“Short, time to cut it.”

“Okay, I make you look younger and handsome.” She replied.

Snip, snip. A pile of hair on the floor later and there it lies.  Everything that grew out of me over the last year plus, lying in a pile askew on the floor but it was time.

“Don’t let anyone cut your hair.” The words of my former teacher, former friend. She also said: “Don’t get tattoos that are visible. I see you doing this, this, and that.”

Yeah, sorry lady, it was time to cut it, I needed a change.  As if an arm sleeve outlining my spiritual journey wasn’t enough, as if the angel over my Heart Chakra and the Tiger crawling down my entire back wasn’t enough change, for some reason the hair was.  The hair did it.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your intuition. I heard the other day.  They said Samson lost his strength with his hair.  Well, I’m not in that story, and it doesn’t matter if I leave doing psychic work, it follows me.  It doesn’t matter if I exit the Rabbit Hole, my vantage point is at a place up the Road to see what’s out there and be open for there to be more.

So I cut my hair.  Snip, snip.  It’s hair, I can grow it back if I wish.  Or not, I may even go shorter than what she did.  Why, because I don’t need other people to tell me how I should look or who I should be anymore.  I listen to a place that comes from Truth and when I listened to the other nonsense, it just (….) me in a most unpleasant fashion.

Consider that the ritual I underwent to release the energy of being The Seeker.  I found what I sought Underground.  And I have returned to share it.  I grew up Normal enough, whatever that means and I return to live a normal life because there lies the beauty, what’s important for me. Not the mingling with the who, what, or why.  Not the status but the normal.  I always used to say I was of the people and for the people.  And I stand by that, if anything, I understand it better than I ever did.

Thank you God.


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