Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Will Read for Food…

So what does an out of work Honolulu Psychic do?

Well, after getting asked to join a group that meets in the middle of a field at midnight on Mondays, getting multiple offers to sell my Soul, and so forth, I walked in to have a few words with the woman who said I could do this work professionally.

She immediately put me on the schedule.  “To continue your learning.” were her words…

Then I went and did what Jason does best, fired off rapid shots of energy and it all seemed to be roll in at once.  I got offered a position with a team that is nestled in a nice vortex of energy (on the Windward side of the island )and is all about well-being.  It’s cool because I get the opportunity to develop the programming, which is awesome and pro-spiritually themed things and, AND I get to be nice to people, which I’d do otherwise but that’s a perk.

I also met a publisher interested in seeing my manuscript.  And just now, I met someone who is developing scripts.

It’s pretty crazy.  I’m kind of at a loss here.  It’s like all these things I pushed for are just happening.  Not because I pushed but because I was ready.  And it’s funny because I simplified what I was asking for and I finally identified what I valued.

Life is totally a blessing and it’s amazing to allow it to unfold (and to get out of my own way).

Mahalo ke Akua!

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