Adventures in Urban Mysticism Redux: Musings on My Attempts at a Normal Life

So I can grow my hair, then cut it off, get tattooed all over, get a new career opportunity, but I can’t escape the energy of who I am.  I’ve been getting visited still as I remarked previously.  I sat yesterday and consulted for a haunted young woman who thought I was full of shit because she was so wrapped up in her story.  I understand, I get wrapped up in stories from time to time.

The stories I like to jump right in, dive into, are one’s where I ride off into the sunset and it’s all peachy keen.  That’s not my life though and perhaps that’s not life itself either. It’s not a sad thing, it’s just an acceptance I suppose.  I’ve run alot in my life, I’ve fought alot, and now, here I am, I kneel in order to fly.

Life is some funny, yet poignant (insert).  That’s fo’sho.

Last week, an older gentlemen, talked to me about suicide and his belief in torture.  “Just get more crazy, that usually shuts them up.” Tattoo Adam would tell me when I told him because a few days prior to that, I listened to a man preach on about Jesus only to admit there were demons in life begrudgingly and how the Devil will steal my creative pieces so I better copyright, and Satan also drives people to Suicide.  I watched as the young woman glared at me, would not accept that Love or Light is out there.  I can still feel her eyes.  And I stopped trying to help and just allowed her to be as she is.  Because that’s where she is at.  And her Spirit could be quite happy playing out it’s existence on the Dark team.

That’s life.  Light and Dark.  How you want to do the Journey, all up to you.  And no matter what, Man will let one another down.  That’s why we need the Spirit.  That’s why God is still waiting with arms outstretched.  That’s why Love will prevail.  It has to.  Otherwise, it’s meaningless.

It really is…

I’m tired of explaining why, I don’t know how, I guess I just know what it is because I feel it.  And It is real, it’s the only Truth, the only Peace, the only Love that’s kept me going and the deeper I walk, the more it reveals, it’s like the layers are endless.  And perhaps, that gives this existence more meaning.

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