AUM Redux: Adventure Say What?

Wow, how G-Dep [flashback to the ‘Special Delivery’ track of yesteryear] is that?  Adventures in Urban Mysticism is more or less abbreviated as AUM.  Coincidence?  I think not.  More like synchronicity. And I didn’t even plan it… SWEET!

Doh, where was I [weren’t you writing something]?  Doh!

I get asked very often, “how are you doing?” to which my reply these days is:

“Crazy!!!” or “Crazy.” if I’m tired.

And it’s been a great response because it makes people stop for a moment.  Think about it.  How often do we go through the motions and say vanilla, cut, and dry statements like “good!” when we aren’t really good?

Another one I say often is “Okay.” because I believe it’s always okay due to how everything fits as a system but either way, how ever I am feeling, I’m being honest…

My life has been crazy!  In a good way.  It’s been exciting, fulfilling, challenging, heart-warming, as well as frustrating.  It’s all pretty balanced in that I’m getting a little bit of everything.  Doesn’t mean it’s not crazy nor do I view crazy as a bad thing.

For example, my new job is quickly becoming a brand new television series in the way it’s unfolding.  I love the people, I love the vibe, I love the location, and I suppose I have to say I love the drama because for some reason it’s there, it’s unfolding.  It’s fun, it’s exciting.  It can be irritating but when I get there, I just get in the zone like I’m tuning into another episode and I choose to embrace having an episodic type of day!

It’s cool because the dance with devil that I was having towards the end of the last year is diminishing.  There’s still the dark and everything, I know that, but I feel my protection so I do not feel afraid like I did for so long.  A friend told me, you were never afraid.  I may have never been afraid spiritually, but in real life, I was afraid, afraid of all sorts of things.  That’s a big theme that from small kid time I remember being so afraid.  A former mentor told me that I had absorbed it from my mother, the fear of my family being psychically transferred when I was born.

I don’t know if that’s true nor is there any way to prove or refute it but I do know that for a very long time, I was so very afraid.  And I don’t feel that so much.  I’m not Daredevil, the Man Without Fear, (or is that The Black Panther?) but I find ways to move past it because I accept it.

Is it hard?  Yes it is.  But hard isn’t a bad thing in life and many times, oftentimes, overcoming a challenge is quite fulfilling.

“But Why?” I get asked that alot too.  I don’t know.  I’d like to but that’s not how life works.  Life more gives us exactly what we need and deserve when it is needed and deserved.

So one day at a time, I enjoy this Adventure in Urban Mysticism, the Redux that it is, because it’s what I asked for…

To enjoy life, however it is, and to find a way to have an adventure wherever I was without feeling like I need to escape my life.

Or to be mindful.  Be present.  Not too happy, not too sad.  Just to be.

Aloha ke Akua.


~The Story of L.O.C.O. coming soon…

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