AUM Redux: Slam

When I drove home, every night this past week, yes that’s every night, I slammed… I always wanted to slam.  When I was a youth, I played basketball, so slamming was a big thing.  We’d play H-O-R-S-E on 8′ rims and do our best impressions of Michael Jordan from the free throw line or Isaiah […]

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AUM Redux: Put You On Game

A few years ago, Lupe Fiasco had a song called “Put You on Game” that I greatly enjoyed.  The phrase is the same as putting someone on blast or for those who aren’t so hip-hop inclined, well, it’s airing some things.  This edition of AUM is me airing a few things… On Email Threads I […]

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AUM Redux: Am I Dead?

I know this woman, she told me once before that she sometimes thinks or convinces herself that she is Dead, walking amongst living.  Not like Night of the Living Dead zombie “erm, brains” Dead but like not alive.  Hmmm, I guess you’d have to ask her what she meant because I get the sense I’m […]

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The Enchanted Tree

Chapter One – The Enchanted Tree A Hawk flies through the dark of night, the darkness only broken up by the rhythmic pulse of Lady Lightning and her fingers.  He flies with purpose and has flown across many lands, through many planes of existence.  There’s been a Call and the Hawk is to summon One […]

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