AUM Redux: Put You On Game

A few years ago, Lupe Fiasco had a song called “Put You on Game” that I greatly enjoyed.  The phrase is the same as putting someone on blast or for those who aren’t so hip-hop inclined, well, it’s airing some things.  This edition of AUM is me airing a few things…

On Email Threads

I have this growing email thread with a cat by the name of Doomsday, who has made it into the annals of AUM a few times now.  Well, he’s no longer a client, but emails me from time to time, and every time it’s the same as before about chaos and Darkness and bleh.  Whether the Dark is really truly plotting something, whether it targets one or more of us specifically, what can we really do but live our lives?  I mean seriously.  I have tried sharing this, I reinforce that my life is good and it is, not just me saying it, but feeling it, experiencing it because I accept it for what it is.  But he has an agenda and sees what he wants to see, which it’s like man, wt-efffffff.  Please stop putting your Darkness on me, Homie!

Do I have challenges?  For sure.  Is life all sunshine?  Obviously, between hail, tornadoes, and flash floods in Hawaii, on at least that level, it’s not all sunny.  But even then, with the weather, I’ve seen a few rainbows…

My point?  Well, doesn’t matter how many times you tell someone something, they have to figure it our for themselves.

Which Segues Nicely To…

Blowing smoke up my ass.  Little games that people play about their spiritual growth are lame.  Why can I say that, because I played them as well.  I have worked with people in the past and I can see the writing on the wall with what they are doing currently, yet there they go, trying to get me to believe in their B***S*** story.  That’s cool, you think what you do.  That’s great for whatever but I’m not taking your feelings folks for I am not responsible for them, so don’t look to me for validation of idiocy.  You won’t find it.  Read here and you’ll find countless examples of my own idiocy.  There are entries here that I cringe about but I leave them because it was where I was at and if anything, they are like bread crumbs..

There’s no point in jumping to any conclusion while you are alive.  I can say that now because how many freaking times have I concluded only for a new beginning to follow or grow disappointed because the expected conclusion turned out alot differently then my original expectation.

Let go, let Life.

Life is a never-ending story of realizations.  I can no longer conclude, all I can do is to realize further and further, learn, do my best to grow, cultivate and maintain, accept, be authentic, be True, and yeah.

It is what it is, it will be what it will be.  Either way does it matter, if one is not present?

In Closing

Super stoked on The Tales of Mr. E. and the King, the story is taking itself in directions I’d not envisioned.  VERY grateful I have a place to live, love that I work with good people who have amazing Hearts, and really stoked that I feel the Presence of the Spirit, get to see, listen, and hear so long as my own presence is there.

With that, I vented, I blasted. I’m O-U-T, out!


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