Bullets : A Clipful of Words

My Heart

My Heart’s like a gun /

And my words / Each One’s like a bullet /

My delivery / The Trigger /

About Time that I pull It


First Shot

Deep in the mines of Earth, splintered mind /

Mining for gold /

Only coal you’ll find /

But Diamond Behold /

If you truly Know /

That Glow from Within /

Your Soul Glistening /

Stop, shhh, don’t speak, get to Listening /

The Voice of the Spirit /

There / Right There / Do you Hear It ? /

Can you feel It ?

So close are you /

No need to be near it /

Beat beat of the Heart /

The Bass of a Drum /

Mindful Gun /

Watch Collective Ego go and run, run, run /


In the Chamber

There in the chamber /

Ready to roll /

Strike deep / Fear’s in Danger /

Let the feelings flow/

Oh Shadowy Intuitive Strange-er /

Ready to embrace, just wants to hold /

You like the Inner Child you are /

Let go relax, watch your path Unfold



Pop / Pop / Pop /

Won’t stop/

Til my Ego drop /

Rum / Pum / Pum

My Bullet’s fired /

From a Loving Gun empowered/

In the ether /

Went from Seeker /

To Speaker /

Once a Listener /

Always a Listener /

And that right there Glistener /

Is how you hit the mark /

It’s the way to roll free of Soul’s Night Dark

oh so Dark /


Clik Clak

Click clack /

Clack click /

Drop to your knees /

Bow your head if you please /

If You only knew your only need /

That is, what your Soul need’s to feed /

And if you feed off the Spiritual Water / That which is your only need /

No longer will you suffer or eternally bleed






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