AUM Redux: On Taking a Walk

Sometimes in life, it’s time to take a walk.  In my case, walks are common.  One of my favorite things to do is walk through a new place, to take it in, to see, experience what’s going on and such. I really like to walk near the water, oceans, rivers, whatever.  I like the Flow. […]

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AUM Redux: A Day to Live

“You want some Apple Pie?”  Marko asks.  Doubledown grabs the bottle of moonshine, home brewed in Hawaii, not Kentucky, but strong and a bit gasoline like.  Smooth and sweet, but feels like I’m drinking gas just the same. I just got the Angel on my chest touched up.  Tattoo Adam adding some finer points to […]

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AUM Redux: (No Title Necessary)

Awhile back I wrote a poem that went: Free flow fluidity Fluid flowing Freely And that was it.  But something about it spoke to me, made me feel like the free flow element of things was important, it was special. Last year, I wrote something further about Free Flow inspired by the thought: “imagine if […]

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Bullets: The Raw Shot

I burn / Damn, hot! / I’m on fire. / Burning since back in the Ether / Sometimes hard, so hard, it is to be the Speaker. / I take it, I accept it, sometimes I don’t like it. / But I chose It. / And Damn I’m on fire here. / Alone I’m burning! […]

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