AUM Redux: (No Title Necessary)

Awhile back I wrote a poem that went:

Free flow fluidity

Fluid flowing


And that was it.  But something about it spoke to me, made me feel like the free flow element of things was important, it was special.

Last year, I wrote something further about Free Flow inspired by the thought: “imagine if the world was filled with people doing what they loved…”

It was a Stream of Consciousness unfolding that wrote itself.  Like many other creative Souls have expressed, my best work writes itself.  At times, I’ve fought the Flow, fought that natural expression.  On other occasions, I rode the waves of what people wanted to be their own Flow, rode their wave because I had the energy to and they were too afraid.  Both occurrences have taught alot but have ultimately lacked fulfillment.  And that’s what I seek, to be holistically fulfilled.

I’ve worked on myself for years, self-mastery not just an idea but a practice.  Self-actualization not a hypothesis but something I have strived to make a theory.  And here I sit today.  In a coffee shop, where so many other times, I have pondered these very things and I go back to the fight, the struggle.  I reflect on it.

I recall how I got so close to feeling and seeing that I wasn’t taking this Journey.  The Journey was taking me.  But I forgot that and here I sit recalling it.  Lessons repeat until we get them.

I suppose rather than think so damn much about it, like my best writing that just writes itself, I’ll let life live itself through me.  Isn’t that freedom?  Isn’t that natural and if it’s natural, it’s true, and if it’s true, it’s authentic, and if it’s authentic, it’s genuine, and if it’s genuine, it’s real.  And if it’s real, that’s pretty much fulfilling to me.

(No Title Necessary) = Free Flow to Fulfillment


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